You probably have been thinking about buying petrol power pressure washers to clean your outdoor setting, but you don’t really know what it is or the advantages that you can get. Well, it is a device that can be handy for outdoor cleaning, especially if you don’t have an electric socket. This device is portable – which means that you can use it anywhere without compromising the quality of the clean-up. No matter the material or surface, rest assured that the device should be able to deliver satisfying performance and quality.

Petrol pressure washers mean that you use this cleaning device – while powering it up with petrol. You are able to remove stubborn grime and dirt easily – and fast too! – while cleaning out the wheelie bin, garden furniture, patio, driveway, walls, fence, cars, and decks. There are two main types of washers – those operating on petrol and those operating on electricity. But they have the same working mechanism. The machine draws water (or water enters it) at low pressure. Then, the motor would pump the water in higher pressure – enough to deliver effective cleaning.

Whereas electric washers are likeable for residential use, petrol washers are great for professional and more often usage. They are heavier and more heavy-duty because they have more power. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use the petrol washer for your regular house cleaning, but if you are okay with the added weight (but with the cleaner result), then you have yourself a great bargain.

Petrol jet pressure washers are the perfect option when you need to move about and electricity isn’t accessible. They work by using a petrol engine that gives enough power to send out water at high pressure. This pressure washer option is ideal if you want a portable machine that can get the job done efficiently and easily.

Let’s check it out the 20 best Petrol Pressure Washers in the UK below

1. Wilks 4800psi Pressure Washer

Wilks is one of the leaders in the petrol pressure washers market. The products have solid performance and undoubtedly impressive quality that won’t disappoint anyone. Because it is designed for industrial use, it is tough and reliable. Some of the features include:

  • Powerful output with 4800psi that will remove any dirt and grime. Because of the power, you can clean up everything in a short time. It will save you time and also fuel consumption.
  • It has quite a long hose – up to 20 meters. Portability and mobility aren’t the issues due to the petrol power, but having a long hose can add up the flexibility of using the device.
  • The device has 5 nozzles – all come in a click and go mechanism. Each of them has a specialized function – and it’s a good thing that they have different colours for different functions. Yellow is for stripping, white is washing, blue is the detergent application, green is cleaning, and red is blasting.
  • The long hose is also handy for the water feed. Whether you decide to use the pond, bucket, or tap water, you won’t deal with fuss. And it has its own filtering system to prevent debris.

2. P1PE 2800psi Washer P3000PWA

If you are looking for a tough washer to remove everything thoroughly and effectively fast, then this one would be an ideal pick. As one of the best petrol pressure washers available in the market, this device is packed with all the good features and technologies. Other features that you will love from this device are:

  • Powerful pump that can produce 2800psi for effective cleaning
  • It comes with a commercial-grade pump so you can be sure about the performance and power
  • Comes equipped with a wide and big detergent tank with a 1.1-litre capacity and enables you to switch the features easily between water and foam so you can make a deep cleaning without ease.
  • It is a perfect machine for cleaning not only outdoor properties, but also terraces, patios, porches, heavy plant, farm machinery, driveways, windows, swimming pools, commercial vehicles, and so much more.
  • It has a low (oil) shutdown that can prevent engine damage because of not enough lubricant
  • Comes with various accessories that can support the job, including high-pressure lance, standard nozzles selection, trigger gun (with quick connection), and 8 meters of hose
  • The device has a simple and straightforward operation that makes everything a breeze

3. Draper Expert Petrol Washer

The cleaning machine comes with a solid and tough engine and motor. Expect high-performance quality and a strong pressure outcome that can remove grime and dirt in no time. You can even clean up the exterior walls or cars without having to damage them. The handy features include:

  • The hose is pretty long – and it is also heavy-duty with the abrasive resistant feature.
  • The machine is constructed with a metal frame for strong performance, a rubber grip for the comfortable and firm handle, and also two big rubber wheels for easy movement.
  • It has a metal trigger (with high pressure) for better control of the water pressure
  • The machine has its own detergent tank so different kinds of detergents (or cleaners) can be used
  • The machine is cordless for easy use
  • As one of the best petrol pressure washers, it has 5 nozzles where each of them has its own function
  • It even comes with its own fuel tunnel for easier filling
  • It promotes easy operation with a fuss-free arrangement. No need for the drama to get everything done

4. Briggs and Stratton 3200Q Elite Washer

The washer is included as the best petrol pressure washers because of its quality performance and high-quality features. It is created for functionality without compromising design or comfort. Moreover, it is also equipped with the best and also functional features, such as:

  • It has a powerful engine that won’t compromise use or care. It is easy to care for, maintain, and use. Even when the job is demanding, the engine won’t disappoint you
  • The machine has its own connect spray tips. You should have no problems switching between spray patterns, which can be handy for precise and exact cleaning. There are 4 different options for this operation
  • The machine has its own convenient system to start up the engine. Known as ReadyStart technology, you won’t have to choke or prime (the engine) manually before it even starts.
  • The machine has Quiet Sense technology that is beneficial to deliver a convenient outcome for you – and also your neighbours. This technology makes the machine quieter, up to 40%, when you release the spray gun trigger. You only need to let go of the trigger to enjoy the quieter mode.
  • It is perfect for the heavy-duty job that includes tough grime, stain, rust, and debris

5. Wasper Gas Portable Washer W3000HA

If the idea of cleaning the outdoor area is always giving you jitters, then this washer may be your answer. The washer is designed for heavy-duty and high-quality performance. When compared to the electric device, this one may be heavier, but it is also sturdier with more solid construction. There are several things to love about this petrol pressure washer, such as:

  • It is able to generate 3000psi for effective cleaning, thanks to its powerful and solid motor. Simply spray it on any outdoor surface you have and it will be shiny again in a matter of minutes!
  • The spray gun is completely made of metal and it comes with 40 centimetres of extension lance from stainless steel, for effective work.
  • The machine itself is quite lightweight. Since it doesn’t have any cord, you won’t have to worry about fumbling around with the cable. Moving it around is also convenient – and you can take it up to remote access or areas easily.
  • This unit comes with its own packing and bonus. When you buy one, you can get free engine oil. Quite a bargain, eh?
  • You should be able to clean any surface easily in a matter of minutes – all can be done without breaking a sweat.

6. Briggs and Stratton 3200 Pressure Bar CR950

This Briggs and Stratton 3200 washer is a premium unit that is designed for functionality and use, especially for effective use and convenient operation. Of course, it comes with a handy combination of functionality, performance, and strength. Some of the best features of this device are:

  • The engine is constructed in a horizontal shaft manner to boost the best value.
  • Although it is designed mainly for heavy-duty and industrial use, it can also be used for a residential setting. There is nothing complicated or fussy about the whole system
  • The spray system is easily connected and assembled. There won’t be anything fancy or confusing – everything would be straightforward and easy
  • The spray system can be easily switched and adjusted. There are 4 different spray patterns for exact cleaning. And there is another one for applying the cleaning detergents for convenient use.
  • The detergent tank is handy to promote a less messy application. The on-board mechanism enables cleaning solution addition (to the water stream) so cleaning can be made easier and faster without making any mess
  • It comes with a special pumping system that is created for high-pressure output and also high-performance outcome.
  • The wheels make it easy for portability and mobility

7. ParkerBrand Pressure Jet Washer

Designed for residential use, it’s not advised to use this washer for commercial use. If you are adamant in using it for commercial purpose, don’t complain when the device breaks earlier than you have expected. This unit from ParkerBrand has been known as one of the best petrol pressure washers that can deliver impressive job and satisfying quality without fuss. Moreover, it is packed with many reliable and handy features, such as:

  • With punchy 6.5 hp of the engine and four-stroke arrangement, this one can deliver 2900psi without any issue.
  • The machine has this well designed and portable construction that gives you tons of confidence for your cleaning work. Cleaning will no longer be boring or tedious anymore – it can be super fun with this unit!
  • It doesn’t have any power cord which means that you can move freely without constriction. The hose is pretty long too, around 8 meters, which will help you blast away stubborn dirt and grime even when they are in awkward spots or difficult position
  • The spray setting comes in 5 different options: pencil spray for all the stubborn stains, wide spray for vehicle usage, and narrow spray for outdoor operation.
  • The wheels make moving around and portability convenient

8. Wasper Portable Pressure Washer

This is one product that is designed for thorough and effective cleaning – without you having to break a sweat. And since it is coming as portable and petrol pressure washers, you can be sure about the quality construction and sturdy frame. Things to like about this unit are:

  • The frame is made from powder-coated steel that will ensure long-lasting quality and also durability
  • The combination of a powerful motor and effective spray will deliver a strong 3000psi of water output. Not only it will provide powerful cleaning ability, but you can also enjoy the reduced time for thorough cleaning.
  • No need to use the chemical substance with this unit around because the high-pressure power is guaranteed to remove all of the stains and dirt right away.
  • The big wheels are handy to enjoy better portability and movement. You can easily transport your unit around without the extra burden
  • The unit has its own ergonomic spray gun – with extension lance – that can deliver punch performance to difficult areas. And you don’t have to worry about the water flow either because it will be consistent and stable
  • The powerful water output will remove all of the dirt without harming your property – and any stuff within it.

9. Dealorous Petrol TX-Pro Washer

This is a washer unit that is great to clean up the outdoor property in no time – and without drama at all. As one of the best petrol pressure washers ever designed, this one is great for all kinds of settings and usages. Whether it is for commercial or residential purposes, rest assured that you should be able to achieve effective results with this powerful unit. The likeable features of this washer are:

  • The washer has 5 different and unique nozzles – plus a turbo nozzle for easy operation
  • The unit has a convenient combination of a comfortable handle and handy wheels that will make transportation easy to manage. Not only you won’t have to carry it, but you should be able to manoeuvre it with a breeze
  • The design is somewhat compact when compared to other devices that are bigger, bulkier, and heavier
  • The assembly process doesn’t take long and it isn’t complicated either. You should be able to set it up in no time.
  • The big wheels aren’t only good for portability and movement, but it also provides a solid stance that is great for stability

10. Wasper Portable Pressure Sprayer W3100VA

Wasper is one of the best brands in this industry, especially if you are looking for a reliable, long-lasting, and affordable pressure cleaner. Aside from the positive reputation, this brand also comes with reliable features and functionality that will improve your operation and use. There are many things to like about this unit, such as:

  • Long-lasting and solid quality. As one of the best petrol pressure washers brands in this industry, this unit is created to last. With proper care and maintenance, you should be able to expect it to last for good.
  • Reliable construction. As one of the best names in the industry, expect the overall design to be quite sturdy and tough.
  • Powerful outcome. The unit is able to generate 3100psi for thorough and efficient cleaning – and yet you don’t have to worry about damaging the objects being cleaned. You should be able to bring back the shine in minutes
  • Saving money in the longer run. When you are able to use the washer, it saves you a lot of time and water bill. You can save up a lot of money in the longer run
  • Flexible and handy attachments. It has a PVC hose with 40 centimetres of extension lance made from stainless steel.
  • Great portability. With the wheels and convenient handle, you should be able to move the unit around – even to remote places

11. Ultra Jet Ultra Light Portable Washer W3000HG

There is a reason why this unit has its name – because the petrol pressure washers are truly lightweight and easy to move around. Aside from the weight, there are still many features to love and enjoy from this unit, such as:

  • Lightweight feature. When compared to other (standard) pressure washers with wheels, this unit is definitely lighter – up to 30%. But it doesn’t mean that it would be lousy or lame at all.
  • Reliable power. With 3000psi, this unit is definitely a strong and powerful cleaner that can wash up everything outdoor effectively and thoroughly.
  • Impressive portability and mobility. The design of the unit is just great and reliable, and you get to move it around, even to difficult-to-reach areas and places. Rest assured that the unit won’t get in the way, but it will deliver impressive outcome and performance.
  • Money-saving helper. Because the washer can blast away grime, oil, and dirt in just minutes, you can actually save money on the water. And you don’t have to spend hours for cleaning either.
  • Great flexibility and versatility. This is a unit designed for versatility and functionality. Not only you can clean up the outdoor appearance, but you can bring back the shine in a matter of minutes.
  • Reliable construction and sturdy design. Since this washer is designed to last, you can expect a solid and robust construction – not the flimsy and lousy type

12. Kiam Power Industrial 2800PSI Petrol Washer

If you become reluctant to clean up the outdoor property – just because you imagine all of the hard work associated with it – then you won’t need to feel the same way anymore. Thanks to one of the best petrol pressure washers from Kiam, you can manage a clean and spotless cleaning without any hassle at all. Not to mention that this device is coming with all of the helpful features and technologies, such as:

  • It has a solid and powerful engine, with 4-stroke 6.5 hp of power, that can deliver promising effect and result. Not only the engine has been safely approved, but it also makes sure that you will have a thorough and effective cleaning outcome without compromising comfort and convenient
  • The unit is able to produce 2800psi of power so all of the cleaning efforts can be managed successfully without breaking a sweat.
  • The washer comes with its own handle and also wheels that will make manoeuvrability and transportation easy. Simply move it away and you are good to go!
  • It has different power nozzles with various functions and usages that will make operation easy. Each of these nozzles has its own function and use, so you can even be able to enjoy the cleaning process!

13. Kiam Industrial Driveway Cleaning Washer

This is another washer (from Kiam) that will make your cleaning effort a breeze. The washer may look solid and sturdy, but it is so easy to move around and manoeuvre. Not to mention that the cleaning power is impressive and solid. Things to like about this washer are:

  • The unit has its own nozzles (5 of them) and each is different from the others. They are easy to assemble (and release), enabling you to enjoy different kinds of cleaning modes, from low (pressure) detergent to high cleaning.
  • It comes with its steel lance, trigger gun, and hose (high-pressure type) with a convenient length of up to 10 meters.
  • With a 7 hp of power and 4-stroke engine, this unit is guaranteed to clean up everything in no time. It should be able to blast all the dirt, soil, grime, oil, and even rust without compromising the integrity of the objects
  • The construction and frame are solid, with anti-vibration shockers to deliver reliable and smooth performance
  • The machine is able to generate 3200psi which will ensure powerful and efficient clean-up
  • Since it is using petrol, you won’t have to depend on any power outlet or such thing alike. You can transport your unit and off you go!

14. Kiam Warrior Industrial Driveway Washer

This Kiam Washer is one the best petrol pressure washers that are easy to move around, easy to operate, inexpensive or affordable, and sturdy to ensure long-lasting use, then you have found the right item. The Warrior line from Kiam comes in a robust and solid design to clean up everything on the outdoor, from conservatories, driveways, concrete flooring, decks, and block paving. The other likeable features of this machine are:

  • The unit can be used with compatible accessories to improve function and use, such as drain cleaning nozzles or telescopic lances
  • It has 5 different nozzles (which are easily assembled and disconnected in no time) so you can always switch operations and cleaning modes quite easily. Whether you want the high-pressure clean-up or the low detergent one, you can have it all.
  • The frame is made from high-quality material that will ensure quality and performance. Even the frame chassis is made from steel so it can provide a solid support for the pump and engine
  • The combination of 6.5 hp of power from Loncin G200F and Triplex brass pump (with German Parker seal) is able to generate 3000psi which is able to deliver effective cleaning performance
  • The design is basically compact for easy storage. And the construction with handle and wheels is handy when you have to move it around here and there.

15. Wasper Briggs and Stratton Portable Washer

As one of the top brands in this industry, Wasper definitely knows what they are aiming at. With this petrol pressure washer, there are so many positive features that you can expect from this line.

  • When compared to other washers, you don’t need to have many pulls. Fewer pulls can be expected from this unit so you don’t have to break a sweat
  • The unit is made from full metal for solid construction. The lance is also made from stainless steel that will never corrode.
  • The engine is tough and strong, but it is also accompanied by a finned engine house that can prevent heat build-up. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about longer (and also improved) work cycles. Not to mention that the motor is one of the best in the industries because Wasper will never use lousy and cheap type.
  • Even with a powerful outcome, you won’t have to worry that the machine vibrates so much. It’s because there are rubber bumpers located between the frame and the engine.
  • If you purchase this type, expect to find engine oil too. It is meant that way so you should be able to operate it in no time!
  • The arrangement is lying there on your fingertip where you can manage everything easily.

16. P1PE P4200PWT Industrial Grade Pressure Washer

The P1PE P4200PWT is a reliable machine that can help you manage effective cleaning outdoor, then this one should be your new best friend. Aside from the tough and solid construction, there are also other many features to like about this washer, such as:

  • The washer is designed as a commercial-grade unit, which means it should be able to handle tough and rough operation. Moreover, it is designed to last for good, which means that you won’t have to worry about the setting where you are at. Whether you use it to clean up the residential setting or for industrial usage, expect the petrol pressure washers to last.
  • The unit is able to generate 4200psi for effective cleaning result. Combined with 14hp of power and 420cc of the motor from Hyundai, you can definitely expect this to perform its task to the highest level
  • The construction is made from a tubular frame accompanied by powder-coated steel for a solid and robust design. It also comes with a handle that is foldable and soft to the grip. All of these combined features will make the operation comfortable without compromising function or use.
  • The unit has its own accessories, including a high-pressure lance, different types of nozzles, hose (that reaches 15 meters), trigger gun with a quick connection mechanism, and so much more.

17. Kiam Cleaning Pack Driveway Washer

Pressure washers come in different dimension and weight. Some are quite heavy while some are quite light. This variant of petrol pressure washers is coming in between – it isn’t too heavy and yet it isn’t too light either. You can say that it has a nice weight for itself. To support its good operation and function, it is packed with many helpful features, such as:

  • It has an auto engine shut off when the oil level is low which ensures operability and safety
  • The machine has solid construction and a sturdy frame that enables rough handling and operation, even in difficult areas. And with the inclusion of a comfortable handle and wheels, it should improve mobility and manoeuvre as you can take it anywhere with you.
  • The engine is a 4-stroke system with 9 hp of power with its air cooling system that won’t only deliver promising performance, but also heat build-up prevention quite effectively.
  • It has the needed and important accessories, including a tool kit, a user manual, a (high pressure) hose that reaches up 10 meters, 5 different spray nozzles from steel, a water (suction) hose that comes with its own water filter up to 3 meters, one detergent filter and pipe, a trigger gun, and a steel lance with its own nozzle connector.
  • The unit is able to produce 3150psi in general although it can reach up to 3400psi if you want to.

18. Kiam KM3700P Industrial Driveway Washer

Don’t let the name fools you. You are free to use this washer in any outdoor setting that you want without limiting it to the driveway only. After all, the washer itself comes with nice control and packed features that should be able to help you in no matter condition or situation. There are many things to like about this machine, such as:

  • Adjustable and different nozzles with a quick-release mechanism. There are 5 nozzles that you can use if you want to enjoy different kinds of cleaning work, such as high-pressure work or low-pressure detergent.
  • The unit has its own steel lance, trigger gun, and hose (the high-pressure type) with 10 meters in length
  • It has a convenient dimension despite the weight. But because the construction is smartly arranged, it doesn’t feel like a burden and you should be able to move it around
  • It has general pressure of 3400psi although you can boost it up to 3700psi for settings that require (more) powerful cleaning ability
  • As one of the best petrol pressure washers in the market, this unit encourages portable use and convenience because you don’t have to bother about power outlet or such things alike.
  • The motor is quite powerful, 14 hp in performance. And when you combine it with a 4-stroke feature, expect impressive performance without any complication or drama

19. Kiam KM3400P High Power Jet Pressure Washer

This petrol jet washer has a combination of reliable construction and frame, supportive and handy features, and a powerful engine to make sure that you will only enjoy convenient, effective, and thorough cleaning. With this device at hand, you won’t have to deal with difficult outdoor cleaning anymore. Moreover, this unit is supported with these handy features, such as:

  • Convenient weight. The weight is just right for the machine – not too heavy or bulky, and yet not too flimsy or light either. The construction is also nice. It ensures a reliable structure and frame, which you can expect for a long time. When compared to other bulkier washers, having the rather slimmer device is definitely convenient because you should be able to move it around freely
  • The machine is able to deliver 3150psi of pressure although you can maximize it to 3400psi
  • The engine combination of 4-stroke mechanism and 9 hp of power are great for enjoyable use
  • It has its own attachments and accessories, which mean that you should be able to enjoy great versatility while cleaning. For instance, the 5 different nozzles are convenient for different cleaning purpose. Or the water suction hole is handy when you want to enjoy effortless clean-up
  • Thanks to the wheels and handle, you should be able to transport the device around and manoeuvre it easily – even to the most difficult setting and places

20 Kiam Heavy-Duty Washer

Looking for a reliable device to clean your outdoor perimeter? Look elsewhere because this petrol pressure washer would be the best bargain for you. Aside from the fact that it is solid and tough, there are also supporting features to love about this machine:

  • It is able to deliver 3700psi for effective cleaning
  • The safety feature is quite good. One of them is the auto shut down whenever the oil level is too low
  • Despite the solid and tough frame construction, it comes with reliable anti-vibration rubber protections so you can enjoy comfortable cleaning without having to struggle with the shake
  • It comes with 2 pneumatic tires for better stability and easier control. Manoeuvring the unit has never been so fun!
  • The unit comes with its own accessories and attachments. They are pretty complete because the whole unit is designed for easy, convenient, and even fun usage.
  • With 5 different nozzles (one turbo and 4 wash types), you won’t encounter any issue when you have to operate the machine.

Petrol Pressure Washer Guide

A petrol pressure washer is a mechanical sprayer using high-pressure liquids to clean out the dirt, dust and glumes. These pressure washers are used to clean various assets such as Buildings, Roads, and Vehicles etc. A petrol pressure washer is the same as that of pressure washers the basic difference is the use of petrol, there are many designs available in the market for the pressure washers, but you always have an option to choose as per your convenience. A petrol pressure washer is always determined by the pressure it produces, the general range of petrol pressure washers ranges from 50 bars (750 psi) to 1200 bars (30,000 psi).

Petrol pressure washer parts

There are three important parts of the pressure washers, a Motor that directly drives the water pump, Hose built to stand high pressures and a Trigger gun or switch. The importance of the Petrol pressure washer pumps is that they are mobile and can be carried to any destination unlike the electric pressure washers, it can be used to clean the dirt and dust from your garden and it can be used to clean your vehicles like Tractors and Trolleys.

The mobility offered by the petrol pressure washers is great and the results are awesome. There are vast differences in the design provided by different companies in the production of Petrol pressure washer, there are designs mounted on trolleys as well there are devices which has cartwheels and the pressures also range from 120 bars to 330 bars. There are designs available for domestic use and also for commercial use of the Petrol pressure washer.

Petrol pressure washer description

All efficient petrol; pressure washers are fitted with engines from reputed manufacturers such as Honda and Subaru, with reliability and guarantee, and the engines are always built to last. There are 4 to 8 cylinder engines along with different fuel tank capacities relatively dependent on the manufacturers.

Many companies while designing their products have made it sure to look at the most alarming factor of the pressure washers; their Noise, as many washers make a lot of noise irritating neighbours and themselves while working, so in new era models, this noise portion is totally suppressed. These designs of petrol pressure washer come with Low noise frequencies making it helpful to work silently.

For industrial-scale cleaning, Petrol pressure washers do the job remotely and there is no dependence on the Electric pressure washers these washers can be easily used on Buildings and in remote locations with maximum mobility. A professional-level petrol pressure washer is more costly than domestic washers as they provide a great level of power and a high level of frequency usage with heavy and dry cleaning.

What to Look for from a Petrol pressure washer

While looking for the Petrol pressure washer always look for the Fuel capacity, Designs, Spray Nozzles, Pressure hoses, Ease of mobility and about the mechanical part always look for the Gross weight, Engine Power and Flow rate. You can go through the internet for additional information on the products and range available in these series. If you want, you can order one of these products online (some of the best products can be seen above) with a wide range of products and prices to choose from, who knows you can end up getting a good deal for petrol pressure washer.

Electric vs Petrol Pressure Washers

Things to Know Before Making a Decision

The deal about electric vs petrol pressure washers is constantly going – with people are talking about which one being the best. In reality, there is no such thing as the best device. Each pressure washer (whether it is the petrol type or the electric one) has been increasing in popularity because of its functionality. The washer is used by professionals as well as homeowners to clean out their outdoor setting. Whether you need one to clean off the boats or remove the graffiti, the washer can provide handy help through the combination of high pressure and water. With it, you can cut off the cleaning time – saving you time, energy, and money. The question is, which one should you choose?

Electric Pressure Washers

You probably can tell from the name, this device runs on electric power. Such a washer has its own benefits, such as:

  • Electric pressure washers are generally designed for residential use. The power level is quite low, only 2000psi, max. When compared to petrol industrial washers that can produce up to 3200psi of power, electric washers are definitely lower.
  • The washers are generally lightweight because they are designed for domestic usage.
  • Because of the easy-to-use nature and not-so-powerful pressure power, this kind of machine is easier to control.
  • The machine is more inexpensive than the petrol unit.
  • It is more suitable for beginner users for straightforward use.

What about the downsides? Well, in terms of electric vs petrol pressure washers, the downside is the electric source. Because it runs on electricity, naturally, you need to stay close to a power outlet. It can be a hassle when you have to go to difficult-to-reach areas or remote places. In most cases, you may need a longer hose or an extension cord.

Petrol Pressure Washers

Since the machines are powered with petrol, you can expect greater power – when compared to the electric type. However, if you are new to this, it is advisable that you start off with the electric type first. The petrol washers are generally designed for professionals, which make the features more complex (and more complicated to operate).

The benefits of having such a washer are:

  • You don’t depend on electricity, so there is no need to be fussy about finding the nearest power outlet or such thing like.
  • The machine has wheels and handles for better portability and manoeuvrability. This is quite logical, considering that the machine is generally heavier than the electric type. The wheels are helpful for better movement.
  • It has a better construction frame – a robust design and sturdy frame.
  • The pressure power is just impressive and solid.

Some of the downsides include the heavier construction. Because of the more solid construction frame, and the extra engine and fuel, everything adds a little weight to the device. Moreover, you need to make sure about getting regular maintenance and care so the washers can run for good.


There you have it, the best 20 petrol pressure washers and buying guide that is designed for effective cleaning and thorough performance. Each of them has its own pros and cons, so make sure that you perform careful research about each of them. The decision about choosing the right washer is totally up to you. Do you prefer the lightweight type or do you want better portability (and freedom)? With the facts about electric vs petrol pressure washers, you should be able to make a better and more educated decision. Only by doing so, you can pick the most suitable unit from these best petrol pressure washers.