Have you ever thought about using a jet pressure washer to have a cleaner and with a more effective result? If you have to clean out your outdoor setting – such as the patio, the deck, the verandah, or even the swimming pool, you know that such work can be tedious and time-consuming. Well, it won’t be time-consuming anymore if you have a pressure washer handy.

A pressure washer is basically a cleaning tool that uses water in high-pressure mode (like the jet) to perform thorough cleaning. It has its own pumping system. It connects to a hose (to tap in the water). And when the pump is activated, high pressured water would be generated.

Although this device produces a more powerful water outcome, it actually uses less water. Yes, even less water than the regular hose. If you want to enjoy effective water consumption (and save money on the bill), this device would be the best option. It’s a good thing that there are some of the best jet pressure washers in the UK that you can try as can be seen below.

1. Stream 1650W 135Bar 420L/H Portable Electric Washer

This is an ideal (cleaning) device that you can use for residential application. It is just perfect to remove stubborn grime, dirt, and stain from any outdoor surface. You can apply it on bicycles, cars, swimming pools, garden furniture, benches, gates, and so much more.

The powerful motor is functional to produce strong water output that will definitely bring back the shine. The device comes with an adjustable and turbo nozzle – each of which has its own function and use. With the adjustable nozzle, you can make an adjustment to the water pressure, including the spray model.

The turbo nozzle is handy to cut off your cleaning time, so you should be able to enjoy the faster result. As a jet pressure washer, it comes with a long hose, including its own on-board (hose) reel system to help protect the hose. It even has its own safety system, such as a child lock, the auto motor turns off, and washer automatic shut off.

2. Paxcess Electric Portable Washer

From the design alone, this jet pressure washer is convenient, slim, compact, and lightweight. It is designed for easy use with a focus on portability. It is able to deliver a high-pressure outcome that will clean out any surface in no time.

You should be able to remove oil, gunk, dirt, and rust on the decks, boats, cars, driveways, patio, or garden effectively – and safely. There won’t be any issue assembling one as everything is easily connected. Once it is ready for you, feel free to move it around – yes, it has its own wheels on the bottom.

The device is also easy to store and keep. What if you want to tag along with the detergent bottle, lance, or spray gun? Tag them along with you! This device can be easily tweaked and adjusted – just as you want. To make it even easier to use, it has an adjustable nozzle that is so easy to use.

3. Neo Pressure Electric Washer

This is one tough device with a sturdy spray lance that can remove dirt, grime, and oil effectively. It has a power cord up to 5 meters that can be managed and then tidied up easily. The washer has its own handle construction and transportation wheels so you won’t have any problems moving the device here and there.

It has its own foam tank that is easily connected or removed, depending on your needs. You should have no issue switching between water and foam. After all, the unit comes with its own adjustable mechanism to promote easier use.

The combination of convenient design, powerful motor and engine, and adjustable features make this unit super nice to use. Cleaning doesn’t have to tedious or boring anymore. It can be fun!

4. Worx Cordless Compact Battery Washer

As a jet pressure washer, this unit is definitely different from the others. Not only it is portable, but it is easily carried around in your back. Other traditional pressure washers still come in bulky construction and rather a heavy arrangement, but this one is completely slim and compact.

Moreover, it uses a battery so there won’t be any power cord that requires you to connect to the nearest power outlet. You only need to charge it for an hour and expect a powerful running to clean out your outdoor setting. The water nozzle is easily adjusted to promote easy clean-up. It is 5 different functions within a single-mode.

The washer is definitely perfect for all kinds of cleaning purposes, such as outdoor furniture, gutters, windows, driveways, decks, cars, bikes, and so much more. It has its own dual watering systems that can be handy for cleaning and watering.

5. Paxcess Electric Pressure Power Washer, 150Bar 2000W

No need to worry about leaking or such thing alike because this jet pressure washer has been constructed in a very sturdy and solid design. Not only it is powerful, but it is also multifunctional too. The connections are made from high-quality copper so you won’t have to worry about breakage.

Simply join the nozzle and hose for quick assemble and you should be able to operate the unit right away. The hookup process is a breeze, and the fact that you won’t have to worry about leakage is another bonus point that is fun and nice to have.

Instead of relying on the regular garden hose, why not turning it into a powerful washer to remove gunk and residue the right way? At least you can save a lot of time – and money for the bill. And you will definitely have more fun too!

6. Guryon Dispenser Electric Washer

This jet pressure washer comes with its own enclosed attachments and accessories, including an inlet connection, dredge needle, water gun, filter, cleaning brush, adjustable all in one nozzle, and a turbo nozzle. Thanks to the strong and solid motor, it is able to produce high pressure (but safe) water outcome.

And with air cooling system, you should be able to enjoy its efficiency to the highest level. This unit operates on electric, which means that it comes with a power cord. It also comes with a washer hose and hose reel for convenient use and effective storage.

Even though it comes with a cord, you won’t have to worry about tumbling down or having difficulty with the management. The safety technology is also helpful to make sure that you have a safe operation. The safety lock will protect you while preventing unwanted accidents along the way.

7. Vytronix Electric Washer 1800W

This is a modern device that will help you with effective cleaning work – while saving you money, time, and energy along the way. It has its own unique construction that enables you to store your accessories on the washer. There is a storage rack on it to enable attachments, lance, hose, and trigger gun to be store there conveniently and safely.

The combination of (pull or carry) handle with solid wheels is nice to deliver comfortable operation. You can easily move or transport the unit effortlessly – moving from one place to another easily. To make it more effective, it has an adjustable nozzle to improve effective operation.

You should be able to have different tasks without having to change the attachments. Through one nozzle, you can enjoy a scrubbing brush, solution nozzle, and a turbo nozzle. Whether you need light or heavy-duty operation, this unit will pamper you without compromising performance.

8. PAXCESS Jet Power Washer 1800W Max130Bar

This portable and compact cleaner is great to promote a cleaner and more effective outcome. The powerful engine is able to blast away grime, oil, and dirt away in an instant. The assembly is easy – and can be done without drama.

Thanks to its premium connection and adjustable nozzle (and hose), you should be able to hook everything up in a breeze! Everything is constructed well with high-quality design and frame, so you won’t have to worry about the leak, fail, or suddenly come off.

The wheels promote easy portability and mobility. The safety system, with its auto, shut down the system, can help you prolong the pump life as well as saving energy. The unit has a tough and sturdy washer hose, including the reel, for comfortable (and easy) use and storage. This jet pressure washer is super convenient to use with amazing performance and quality that won’t disappoint anyone.

9. Parker Brand Pressure Petrol Washer  6.5HP Engine – 2900 PSI

This would be an ideal washer if you don’t really like carrying anything on your back. This device has its own wheels that would make it easy to move around. Moreover, it is a petrol device, which means that you can move it around – or even take it further to remote access – easily without being constrained by any electric cord.

This is a solid and powerful unit with easy operation and adjustable parts. You should be able to generate powerful water outcome to clean any surface easily and conveniently. The engine is four-stroke 6.5 hp which should be able to produce a satisfying result – up to 2900psi.

The unit comes with a long hose (for tapping the water), 5 nozzles that have different functions of their own, and other accessories. It is perfect to clean cars, driveways, patios, garden, and even a swimming pool without you having to worry that it is going to make damages.

10. Wasper 196cc Portable Petrol Washer

Because it is a petrol device, the construction is sturdier and more solid than the electric device. It boasts better portability and mobility, but you also need to remember that it is going to be heavier. In terms of design, expect this jet pressure washer to be super solid, sturdy, and tough.

It is able to generate 3000psi of water power for effective cleaning outcome. The metal (spray) gun comes with an extension lance from stainless steel to ensure effective use. It doesn’t come with any power cord, which means that you are free to take it everywhere – including to remote and difficult-to-access areas. What can you clean with this? Basically everything!

It is easily used in a residential setting as well as commercial ones – no fuss required. The combination of powerful engine, tough and solid shell construction, and adjustable nozzle design has made this washer a perfect companion to clean out almost everything!


As you can see from these products, they are either coming in petrol or electric system. Each of them has its own benefits and downsides, but rest assured that these types of jet pressure washer are handy and useful.