Getting started with PHP Programming

If you are into website making and web developing then you would know that PHP is the most popular web development programming language. It is installed on most of the hosting servers and there are many software available which allow you to use your home PC to test your PHP script.

Basically, there are many websites you can visit to learn about php programming including downloading its tutorials and guides. Before we get started with PHP coding, there are some basic prerequisites you will need. First, you must know about the basics of html (in case you still don’t have any knowledge about it, please visit html tutorial at w3schools website). Also, you should have a basic working knowledge of any programming language. By basic I mean, the most common things like variables, operators, functions and so forth.

The first thing you need to do is get the software’s that are used by PHP developers. Now I’m using macromedia  Dreamweaver to write the php code and XAMPP installed on my PC localhost to test and run it. Now, if you are a beginner, spending more than 100$ for buying a software is not recommended, so the best way you can do as well as my recommendation is to use any alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver.

Check out some good alternatives to Dreamweaver like Quanta Plus, Aptana, Bluefish, Microsoft Visual Web Developer and more. Meanwhile, for extreme beginners, notepad is a very good choice but you will need more attention to this. XAMPP is a software that can be downloaded for free and it is a must install software because without it you Windows based PC will not be able to run the php scripts.

To Be Continued..