Top 10 Best Microwave Ovens 2018

A microwave oven can be a great counterpart in our kitchen and it is a great time saver device because it work fast to make various delicious meals, reheat foods, etc, they are also easy to operate and most importantly, the microwave oven is safe to use. If you want to buy a new microwave or even replace the old one, you will realize that there are too many choices available and each product has many good options and features as well and you may wonder which one you really need.

Before you decide to buy a microwave oven, you can read our best microwave oven list and you can also find our buying guide as you can see below ;

Top 10 Best Microwave Ovens 2018


This is one of the best countertop microwave ovens in Amazon and has been equipped with a variety of good features.

It comes with electronic touchpad so it can be easier to be operated and with 10 power levels with total output of up to 700 watts, you can use it for various cooking purposes. Also it has child lock feature to reduce the risks of accidental use or access by children and 6 one Touch Functions.

All in all, it is a very good microwave for any any dorm, home office or small apartment.

2. Westinghouse WCM770B

This microwave unit has small design and will not taking up too much counter space too. There are many advantages of buying it like you can control using its keypad so you will have more options of inputting precise cook times.

Meanwhile the display with LED allow you to monitor exactly how much time is left and this unit also feature easy-to-use 6 one-touch quick cook buttons and settings for cooking popcorn, baked potato, pizza, beverage, reheat food or even frozen dinner.

To provide you a great cooking flexibility, the manufacturer also packs it with 10 cooking power levels and 700 watts of power.

3. Panasonic NN-SN651BAZ Black

Panasonic NN-SN651BAZ Microwave, comes equipped with an Inverter technology that is designed to delivering delicious flavor and can help to prevents overcooking and Inverter Turbo Defrost for faster defrosting so that you will get juicy food at any given time.

It is a high quality microwave that offers up to 1200 watts power which is important for high cooking power. Its One-Touch Genius reheat/cook sensor is designed for automatic cooking seetings and hence making cooking relatively fast than ever.

Moreover, this microwave also has; a keep warm feature, programming dial that is very important in enabling quick programming, 12 Auto Cook Options, 1 Touch Controls, quick-minute timer and so forth.

4. Westinghouse WCM660B 600

If you are looking for an inexpensive countertop microwave oven, then you should consider this product. It has compact design as well as lightweight construction and with 0.6-cubic-foot size, this microwave is the perfect choice for a small kitchen especially in an apartement, an break room in the office or even for a recreational vehicle.

Since it is powered by 600 watts and 6 cooking power levels, you can use it easily for for preparing small items every day, cooking frozen pizzas or warm up your beverages will be much easier.. For easy and simple operation, you can find rotary dial controls too.

5. Danby Designer DMW077BLSDD

The Danby DMW077BLSDD is a pratical and economical microwave oven with stylish appearance as it comes with black and stainless-steel finish so that it can match with any type of room decoration. The cooking space of this unit is 0.7 cubic feet (20 litres) making it perfect for various areas like lunchrooms, offices, kitchens or cottages.

It can uses up to 700 watts of cooking power while power level is available in 10 different options. Also you can find a useful cooking function where with only one touch, you can cook at least 6 popular foods.

Its smart electronic controls is very easy to be watched and from here you can also monitor and program the microwave as a whole, thanks to its bright LED timer and clock apparatus.

6. Sharp Countertop Microwave Oven ZR651ZS

The Sharp ZR651ZS has user friendly features that can help anyone cooking and cleaning with ease. Its innovative features like One-Touch keys (from 30 seconds to 1 minute), Precise Cook Sensor, Defrost automatically will make you easier to cook or reheat your lovely foods, snacks or beverage.

With extra large size, 2.2 cu. ft, this microwave is an excellent choice for large families and you can of course make delicious meals at once. It is built in 1200 watts of power lets you reheat foods and cook faster and easier.

7. Samsung MS11K3000AS 1.1 cu. ft

This microwave is released to the market last year and it looks very modern with compact design and complemented with very simple interface.

There are a number of features that can make you love this product like sensor cooking to auto cook your food, dial control where you can increase or decrease cooking time and can be cleaned easily because its ceramic enamel interior and can easily be moved from one to another place.

For optimal results, Samsung packs this device with adjusts cooking time that can works automatically and paired with vapor-sensing technology.

8. Panasonic NN-SD372S Stainless

This is another great and popular microwave from Panasonic and it has been equipped with Inverter Technology too.

The 0.8-cubic-foot unit is not too big however it is a perfect choice for a busy parents in need of cooking meals done and evenly heats various foods and beverage quickly, and is ideal for individuals and small families.

Other great features include popup dial, clock or timer, Child-Safety Lock, 10 power levels combined with 3 cooking stages, a button for making popcorn and delay start as well.

9. LG LCRT2010ST 2.0 Cu Ft Counter Top

The LCRT2010ST from LG comes equipped with True Cook Plus technology where it will calculate the cooking time for you easily and this will ensure the food will be cooked perfectly.

LG also includes Sensor Cooking technology feature that can be used for adjusting your cooking time automatically and increase its performance to get optimal heating performance.

You don't need any chemicals material to cleaning its inside and outside, thanks to the new EasyClean interior and finished with stainless steel. Other key features are 2.0 cubic feet of room, 1200 watts power, child lockout and turntable.

10. Oster OGB61102 1.1-Cubic Feet

If you are looking for a microwave oven for daily cooking and reheating, you may also consider the Oster OGB61102 1.1-Cubic Feet where it has a number of great features, perfect and compact size to fit your room and it doesn't need excess space too.

It easy to use and even by beginner and cooks or heats foods evenly and quickly. The control panel is simple to use with Green LED display and with scratch-resistant glass door, the unit become more solid.

The panel also lets you to control multiple stages of cooking and also their cook times too - So, in case one stage has been completed, the next stage will be started automatically.

Microwave Oven Buying guide

Here are some features to consider when you buy a microwave oven


As with most household appliances, microwave ovens can be built-in or freestanding. Freestanding is most popular because it gives the owner flexibility in where to place it, replace it when it gives out, and take it with them when they move. Built-ins are useful for homeowners who want to save counter space or have a seamless look to the kitchen.

Convection/Grill Options

Microwave Ovens can come with only the ability to cook by heating the water content in the food. The advantage of this is quick, inexpensive cooking, with a much smaller risk of burning or fire. However, cooking options and flavours are limited. Microwave food tends to have a bland steamed or boiled taste and browning and crisping is also possible. Most microwaves cook with a specific magnetron technology. Some boast of an inverter technology. It cooks the same as standard microwave technology, just that the microwave oven will be lighter and more spacious.

Microwaves with grills have grill elements for additional heating and crisping. The microwave does the majority of cooking, for speed and energy, but the grill heats the surface evenly from the outside in. The grill portion has a more involved effect on fats and juices, giving a special cooked flavour that microwaves themselves cannot achieve. Types of grill heating elements are: halogen, infrared, quartz, and radiant elements.

Microwaves with ovens are also known as microwaves with convection. Convection cooking is a method in which the air in the oven is heated. Then a fan is used to move the air around. In convection microwaves, the microwave radiation is used to heat the water inside the food to speed cooking and lower energy use. A fan and a heating system create a convection current which heats the food evenly across the surface.

Some microwaves come as a combination grill and convection, giving the user the most control over cooking needs. Microwaves without grill or convection cooking capability are best for those looking for easy and quick re-heating of frozen foods and liquids, while combos are reserved for those who have a culinary bent but need a quicker, safer, more compact alternative to an oven.


Power is measured in Watts. The higher the power to the microwave, the faster the foods will cook. Most cooking times are based on microwaves set at 800 Watts. Microwaves will range in power from 400 W – 1200W. Higher powered microwaves will cost more in terms of energy use, and maybe only more desired in cases where one cooks large quantity of foods at a given time.

Many microwaves will have Power Levels or settings. These allow you to set the microwave to lower levels than its maximum power output. This is particularly critical when dealing with high powered microwaves. Many foods cook more evenly at lower power settings. Power levels may range from 1-11, though expensive and high powered microwaves may go higher.


Capacity is how much food can be cooked in the microwave. It is measured in litres. It will range from 10 litres – 45 litres, though some microwaves are even larger. Bigger is not necessarily better. The amount and types of food your household cooks should be considered when considering capacity needs. Smaller households who heat simple frozen dinners and tea should go for smaller capacity. Microwaves that are cooked with nothing in it will cook their own mechanical parts through wave reflection phenomena (the waves bounce around inside cooking the parts repeatedly). Increasing capacity of the microwave should correlate to increasing amounts of foods typically cooked to reduce wear of microwave parts.

Dimensions are measured in cm or mm by height, width and dimension for the entire unit rather than the inside cooking shell. Caution should be taken in selecting the appropriate size if you tend to use irregular or large cooking dishes. Compact microwaves are smaller and designed for those with space constraints.

Control Panel

The control panel will either be a rotary dial or an electronic panel with pressure sensitive touch pads. Rotary dials are not as popular as electronic touch, but still can be had.

The control panel will be an integrated timer. It is set primarily in minutes, with power being adjustable depending on the model. This allows food to cook for a set period of time. If the user forgets about it, they will not burn down the house.

Additional Features

A rotating plate is a must and should only be foregone if the microwave is of such a small size that it cannot accommodate one. Microwaves heat unevenly. The rotating plate allows the microwave to move the food around for more even heating, without the user having to watch, stop and rotate midway through. Consider one that is designed for easy removal and cleaning.

Defrost setting is also important, especially if you cook a lot of frozen foods. Ice cooks slower in microwaves than water. Parts of frozen foods which have melted can over cook and bubble while other parts are still cold. Lower power settings can help avoid this. Defrost setting is not predominantly a lower power setting. It is a rapid turning on and off of the microwaves which allows for more even heating.

Other settings maybe available, such as a popcorn button that lets you pop a bag of popcorn, meat or other items with one touch. Sometimes the microwave will allow you to program in custom settings.

A digital clock is not a must but is very handy. It is easily incorporated into the digital cook timer. It can also have a non cook timer, in which the microwave does not heat while the timer is counting down.

Child locks, end of cook alarm and interior lights are also very handy features to have.