Top 10 Best Photo Printers 2018 Review

We all have different reasons for wanting a printer. Some people may simply want to print off the occasional invoice or document, while others have regular daily printing to do. And still more people will like to have photos to print up that they have taken with their digital camera.

Having a Photo Printer means that you can have almost instant access to any pictures that you take. Using the technology that is available today, you can access your printer by using wireless connectivity or a cable to download pictures from your social media accounts, cell phone or digital camera then you will be able to print out the pictures that you want quickly.

If you are planning to buy a printer for printing photos, we have some products to consider as you can see below where these devices have very good quality and performances as well. Take a look..

Top 10 Best Photo Printers 2018

1. HP Envy 4520

As one of best products from HP, this photo printer will serve you with its borderless lab-quality photographs.

Since this product is wireless, you will able to connect your tablet, smart phone, or any internet connected personal computer to print photos, including for laser sharp documents. HP Envy 4520 will definitely print scan faster directly from your mobile devices. You will no longer need to print a photo.

The device also comes with multifuntion feature, 2-sided printing capability and very easy to setup.

2. Canon Selphy CP1200

This actual product from Canon has a clear overcoat that will protect the printer against dirt or even liquids!. You will not need to go anywhere near around the printer since this one is wireless.

You can easily be connected by activating its Wi-Fi button and connect it with your devices. More than that, Canon Selphy CP1200 has AirPrint technology, which will make you to print effortlessly from your iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone.

Various connectivity options available ranging from WiFi, Card Slots, USB, USB Flash Memory as well as PictBridge.

3. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Even Polaroid is well known as a camera product, this time you will not need any camera from this brand because they have the printer series of it. The size of this printer will make you really easy to use it.

By connecting this printer via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android devices, you can print your photo anywhere and anytime you want. This product will compatible with Z2300, Zip, Snap and Socialmatic. With the improved quality of borderless and 2 x 3 inch color prints, you will get brighter and sharper results of printing.

Moreover, this product is also water-resistant, smudge-proof and produces tear-resistant photos. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer also offers special ZINK paper which is available in 20, 30 and 50 packs.

4. Canon PIXMA Pro-100

Another product from Canon is made of so many various choices of inks colors. This printer will able to print so many colors that other printer might not be able to print like cyan, magenta and any other colors.

The optimum image generating system in this printer will reproduce colors that you intend logically to select the optimum ink placement and combination.

The 4800 x 2400 dpi specification ensures you to get incredible detail for the printing result. This printer also requires professional quality photos for various media up to 13 x 19 inch.

5. Epson Artisan 1430

With the ultra high-definition prints as large as 13 x 19 inch, Epson Artisan 1430 definitely takes you to another level of brilliance and performance. Plus, its wireless networking makes this product easy to use and to share with so many devices.

With this Epson Artisan 1430 in your hand, you will able to create gallery-worthy prints, large-size or even print and design professional looking CDs or DVDs. This product also offers lighting correction and advanced color for more fabulous photos.

The Clara high-definition ink inside this printer will make photos scratch, water, smudge and fade resistant. This printer is able to print four times longer than photo lab printers.

6. HP Office Jet 4650

More than just printing photos, HP Office Jet 4650 can do such a lot things like copying, scanning, faxing, wireless printing, AirPrinting, two-sided duplex printing, and also touch screening.

You will never run out of ink since the instant ink is always ready. There is free HP ePrint application which makes you able to print form anywhere using tablet or smart phone even without using wireless direct networking.

With 2-sided printing, you will able to print both sides of the page, cutting paper use up to until 50%. The laser quality text ensures the brilliance your documents and projects color.

7. Canon iP8720

The AirPrint technology in this Canon iP8720 will surely make you print using your compatible iPhone, iPad and iPad touch without any wire and effort.

With Canon Print application and Google Cloud Print, you can also print wirelessly using your Android, tablet or any other devices. This printer is compatible with so many various inks colors like yellow, black, grey, magenta and cyan.

With Individual/Combo CLI-251 inks tanks, you will only need to replace the inks that run out. The qualities of your photos are guaranteed with the 6-color ink system.

8. HP Office Jet Pro 8720

This one is color all-in-one printer which can scan, fax, copy, wireless printing, AirPrint and of course 2-sided duplex scanning and printing.

HP Office Jet Pro 8720 also allows you to print from anywhere using your smart phone or tablet with the free HP ePrint application. You can easily print your photo from iPad or iPhone wit AirPrint by using NFC capability.

This printer will guarantee you less cost per page up to 50% than using laser printing. All print jobs can be managed easily from the printer via its 4.3 inch touchscreen.

9. Canon Office and Business MX922

This printer has so many features that you will need to try, such as Mobile Device Printing, Wireless Printing, Google Cloud Print, Wireless LAN and AirPrint.

The Duplex Auto Document Feeder will help you in copying, scanning and faxing multiple documents easily without having to load one page at the time. You can also automatically print the both sides of the page without any hassles using Built-In Auto Duplex Printing feature.

This type of Canon printer is compatible with PGI-255 XXL Pigment Black ink tanks, PGI-250 XL or Individual/Combo CLI-251 XL ink tanks.

10. Canon MG7720

With an easy and quick wireless set up, Canon MG7720 is also recommended for all of you who do not like printers using wire. This printer also supports mobile device printing for iPad, iPhone, tablet or Android.

Further, Canon MG7720 also applies powerful printing options like Google Cloud Print, Air Print, Mopria, NFC and of course Canon Print application.

You can also enjoy your own CD or DVD labels making with this printer. Canon MG7720 applies 6 individual ink tank systems, which gives you so much variation of colors in printing.

Photo Printer Buying Tips

If you want to buy a photo printer with or without all-in-one feature, it pays to think about how you will use it before you make your decision. It is quite easy to buy photo printers nowadays that are specifically designed to produce stunning results when you want to print out your pictures. They will be more expensive though, which is why you need to think carefully about what you want.

This is particularly the case when you are considering buying an all in one photo printer. Instead of getting a basic printer you are getting one that will have a lot of different and very useful functions. For starters it will enable you to make excellent photo outputs, copies of documents and other items as well as printing things out from your computer as you usually do.

In addition to this you can scan items in so that you have the image to use on your computer. Some all in one photo printers also give you the capability to be able to use them as a fax machine, and since this is all available in the one unit you can see what a space saving measure it is.

A photo quality printer also has other functions on it. For example many of them permit you to slot in your memory card directly into the printer itself. So instead of putting it into your computer or plugging your digital camera into the computer, downloading everything and then choosing what to print, you can choose on the printer instead. This saves time and means you can make your copies much faster.

There is also typically a built in screen that allows you to see the photos before you print them. This is required because you are slotting the memory card into the printer rather than the computer, so you need to be able to see what is on there.

There is no doubt that a photo printer is a great thing to have. And when you combine it with the functions of an all in one printer you have a great unit that does a lot of different things.

Things to consider before buying a photo printer


Size will matter depending on the functions which the photo printer is intended to be used for. If it’s supposed to stay in the office or at home, it doesn’t matter if it’s going to be a huge-sized photo printer as long as the space is not an issue. However, if it is going to be carried from one place to another, like the ones used in parties or events, size will matter in terms of portability. The best way to choose the perfect size for the photo printer is to determine its use first.

Quality and Speed

Again, it depends entirely on the function of the photo printer on how one may choose the speed of the printing process. Does quality matter more? Is it going to require a faster printing production? That depends on how the printer is going to be used. If the printer is going to be used in printing photos for majority of the time, quality is more important. If it’s going to be used for reprinting copies of forms and documents, speed is more valuable.


Connection is important because it gives the machine flexibility, which is very convenient for the user. USB connection is the most common means of accessing the printer for use. But since the technology for photo printers has obviously sky rocketed, it is now possible to print pictures or documents through Bluetooth and wi-fi connection. Look for the unit that has this feature and is sold at a reasonable price range.

Special Features

The best photo printers offer a wide array of features. Usually, this is the part where different manufacturers show off. These manufacturers may wow the customers with their sophisticated additional features, but the important thing to remember is that the things that a photo printer should have are negative and slide scanner, pictbridge and memory card slots, colored preview screen, as well as smartphone apps.

Inks used for printing

One thing that must be considered in choosing the best photo printer to buy is the cost of materials in the long run. One major concern is the ink.  Inks are very expensive. And for constant photo printing, using the expensive type can cost a lot of money.  The smart thing to do is pick the model that allows the use of cheaper ink without causing damage to the paper and dramatically decreases the quality of the produced prints.