Top 10 Best Wireless Range Extender / Wifi Booster 2018

Wireless (WiFi) range extender, often called as wireless repeater or wifi booster, makes strengthen wireless signal. Structure and principle of working is a pretty simple, it is like additional, powerful wireless station.

If the distance from your computer (laptop, phone with WiFi support, PC with wireless adapter etc.) to the router is vast, you can use the extender by intelligently placing it in the middle of these 2 spots, or even beside of router and lengthen of the wireless range will double, as minimum.

There are many reason why you should buy this extender and the most important is, you can extend your wireless signal so that it can reach an area that can not reached before. We recommend one of the following product if you want to buy your own.

Top 10 Best Wireless Range Extender / Booster 2018

1. MECO Wireless Repeater 300Mbps

The MECO wifi repeater has small design and it can help you to extend the coverage of wireless signal with ease. It will broadcast your wifi signal to the hard-to-reach areas on your house, office or shop.

In addition to repeater, it also can works as a Router and Access point so you will get 3 benefits at once. It is compatible with any existing wireless network or wifi enabled devices like your smartphones, tablets, SmartTV, game consoles and more.

It provides speed up to 300Mbps at reliable 2.4GHz wireless band, also it has Dual external antennas 5dBi to make wireless signal better and make the data transmission even more stable.

2. Securifi Almond

Securifi Almond is not only works as a Wireless Range Extender but it can also be used as a wireless router and access point.

This product offers 300Mbps speed and 2 internal antennas ad has been used by thousands of people in the world and most of them are very satisfied with its perfomance. Setup is easy, thanks to its touchscreen interface where in about 3 minutes, the device is ready to use.

The company also prioritize security features and each Almond has unique SSID and password and it also comes with SSID's 'nomap' tag.

3. TP-Link AC750 (RE200)

The TP-Link AC750 (RE200) is a dual band wifi extender and it will expand your existing wireless coverage better with the latest generation of 11AC Wi-Fi technology.

It can be paired with many wireless routers out there then creates more powerful dual band connections so the signal of your wireless can reach hard-to-reach areas and even can cover throughout your home or office.

It has smart signal Indicator that will help you to find the perfect location for maximum WiFi coverage, easy setup, flexible placement and tether app for managing your Wifi directly from smartphome.

4. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 (EX7000-100NAS)

The Nighthawk AC1900 wireless range extender is also capable to boost your existing network range and delivers high speed dual band WiFi of up 10 1900Mbps.

It's packed with 700mW high-powered amplifiers and 3 external antennas to provide the best range in its class meanwhile with 1GHz dual core processor, the device can give users a maximum WiFi performance.

The unit is compatible with any standard wireless router and a good choice for stream HD video or online gaming. There are also 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports to makes all your wired devices connect to the network simultanously.

5. Amped Wireless High Power (SR300)

Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-300N is a smart repeater and works by expanding the range of your WiFi network by repeating signal of your wireless router in home or office then redistributing it in a new location so wireless dead zones will be eliminated.

It support a lot of devices ranging from PCs, game consoles like Xbox, Playstation, networked Blu-ray players, smart TVs and so forth and you can connect them to this repeater via Wireless or Wired connection.

Other key features of this product include Smart Security Features, simple set up and great for high traffic wireless network.

6. TP-Link AC1750 (RE450)

This TP-Link extender comes equipped with Gigabit Ethernet port for connecting a wired device to Wi-Fi and will allow you to reduce dead spots in your home or office.

Through its 3 external antennas with high-powered amplifiers which is placed on the top, the device can deliver very fast dual-band AC1750 wireless for 4K streaming as well as gaming in any room and improve your Wi-Fi range up to 10,000 sq ft.

It also features easy to install and move because it can be plugged into any outlet, smart signal indicator which help you to discover the best spot to setup it.

7. NETGEAR N300 (WN3000RP)

We have another Netgear product here, the WN3000RP which is sold at very affordable price. This extender is idal for extending any wireless network to wifi-enabled devices like iOS, Android, PlayStation 3, etc.

Also you can find WIfi Analytics app to monitor how strong the signal of your wireless connectivity, check the status of network, strength of wifi signals and many more.

In terms of installation, you can do it faster because it doesn't need any CD at all meanwhile with its fast ethernet port, you can connect your home AV devices to your existing network.

8. Linksys AC1200 (RE6700)

This is a Dual-Band wireless range extender which help to eleminate black zones around your house or office and expand the range of your existing router's coverage along with take advantage of WiFi-AC performance.

By installing its spot finder technology on your laptops, notebooks, smartphones or tablets, it's become easier to determine an optimal placement of this extender. Just like other Extender above, it will repeat the signal from your existing router than rebroadcast it to reduce wifi dead spots.

Also it has a Gigabit Ethernet port for a wired connection with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps .

9. WOSUK 300Mbps Multi-function

You may not be too familiar with Wosuk but in fact, they have a cheap yet powerful networking device. Just like this one, it can works in five different modes from WiFi router, Extender, Access Point, Client router and Client mode (TV/Game Console).

Basically, it is universal compatibility which mean can be paired with any wireless-enabled device in the market. The wireless data rates speed offered by this product is 300Mbps make it ideal for video streaming, browsing the web, and Internet calling.

Easy to use and install too, with smaller size and wall-mounted design.

10. MSRM US750 Wireless Rang Extender

This MSRM extender has also been equipped with very good features, the installation can be done faster, just plug and play and it is ready to improves the range of existing wireless networks, an ideal choice for home or small office use.

Design is simple and It is packed with dual-band to reduces Wi-Fi interference, 2.4 Ghz offers better penetration and with longer transmission distance meanwhile 5Ghz band can deliver faster speed for shorter distance usage.

It can paired with with any standard router or gateway and provides stable, fast data transfer rates of up to 750Mbps and the signal can reach of up to 2000 sq ft

Wireless Range Extender Buying Tips

Concretely, the distance is dependent on capacity and power. Most of the repeaters can transfer data up to 100 Mbps, using a 2.4-GHz band. This is quite enough to work or entertain without any problem. Also, there are outdoor wireless range extenders, which are perfect for buildings with a big yards, for a country-cottages and etc. It is also possible to use several extenders in order to cover larger distances. However, there is one downside to this device, wireless extenders considerably increase the latency for each extender used in the chain. Wireless repeater is used in home, office, anywhere, in building or outside. According to last statistic, demand on it is increasing.

Choose Wireless Extender Wisely

There is a lot of different extender (Also known as repeater). Difference is in power, size, price, color… Of course you need to choose it according to your room’s design, but anyway main task is buying powerful extender, to resolve problem of weak network. Modern extender is a powerful, small, compact, with a little antenna. Setup of wi-fi repeater is very easy. You can do this without any calling to specialist. Most of repeaters have comparatively easy configuration. They have an auto configuration button. You just click this button, while keeping the range expander closer to the router and it will configure itself to the Service Set Identifier of the access point or wireless router. For more information, visit official website of producer of your extender.

There are some problems, which is relatively frequent for its users. First in such problems list is a gap of spreading. People say that the network speed is very low in their home’s corners. Also, some range extenders have problem at security, but this is typical for only old devices. Anyway, we must denote that most users have no problem at time of using this device.


Range extender’s prices are different, on the whole from 40$ to 500$. Average cost of it is 60-80 $. Usually, it depends on extender’s power, transfer speed and spreading area.

Little More…

If we are going to buy repeater, we should know advantages of it. And then will be easy to choose and get it. It is well known that wireless repeater give you mean to increase the effective coverage of your wireless network. The second great advantage is that, it does not need to be connected by a data cable. You just put it within range of wireless router or access point and then everything will be OK. The third – when you use a extender, you can expanse the signal to areas that previously had no signal. The fourth advantage is for middle stratum. Value of it is not big. There are many low cost models too, they are also good quality devices.. Also, wireless range extender is very simple device, once you install it, you don’t need to ever touch it (unless if you are cleaning dust on it).

Where To Get

It isn’t pleasant to get something in market, because you must seek a lot, and only after that choose desirable one. Check out at because you can buy wireless extender without go out of the house, and prices will be even less than in stores.