Simple steps on How to edit a Facebook status update or post

Finally Facebook has introduced the most-anticipated edit feature, now users who want to edit their Facebook status update or post can do it. While this feature was absent, Facebook users used to delete the entire post just because of a small mistake or spell error but with this feature it doesn’t only save time but also could save the users from landing in controversies with their posts or status updates.

Here are simple steps that explain how to edit a Facebook status update or post:
1. Click the Top right arrow (marked red in the below pic) in the post/status update that you want to edit.
2. Select Edit (marked red in the below pic) that’s found after ‘Add Location’ in the small menu that popped up after clicking the arrow at top right of the post/status update.
3. The exact text of the status update/post opens in a new text box where it can be edited. (Even links can be edited) and Click Done Editing once the editing is done.
4. Now the new edited (modified) post appears with a small desc at the bottom saying ‘Edited’ which when clicked will show the Edit History.
Thus your Facebook Post/Status update has been edited successfully.
This Facebook status update/post edit feature is already available for Android and Web users and will be soon available for iOS users, and is not yet available for Facebook pages.