Facebook tests Instapaper/Pocket-like ‘Save for Later’ feature app

Facebook has recently tested a new feature called Instapaper/Pocket-like ‘Save for Later‘, It works as an application which can help you to saves the links that are posted in Facebook so that you can read it later or sometime in the future.

I was found this feature this morning from AllThingsD article and I can find iBook-bookmark-style icon in Facebook and when I touch or click it, the article (not the FB post) will be saved. Also I can find the activity is added in my Profile activity page, but when I tested it, the option for privacy was set to  ‘Only Me’ by default, I don’t know the exact reason, but I think it is just a testing-feature.

Also, this ‘Save for Later’ feature created a new option that can be found in under under ‘Apps’ named ‘Saved’ and from there I can find the saved link (complete) from its Thumbnail, Title of Link, Website name as well as meta description and the privacy type, with a simple swipe from the left, I can also find two more options, Share or Remove (Of course you already know with the function of these options). Easy and fast to use overall.

This feature reminded me about one year ago when Facebook also tried the same feature on iOS device where with a long press of a button, users can save the article for later reading however the user interface is very different with a white icon that is also shown with the article and when users clicked on it, the color of icon will look different, blue that indicates that the article (link) has been saved/bookmarket for later use. As of now, it is very good feature but it seems there is no option for ‘Offline Reading’ but maybe Facebook will include it later.

What I thik is this ‘Save for Later’ feature is very basic and in its early stage because it does not have its own logo in activity screen but has similar iBook-Bookmark-style icon that you can find in the sidebar.

Yes, I guess that this feature will make users Log in for a long time in their dashboard and they will not leave Facebook. Personally, this is an excellent feature for me and after its official launch, it can be a serious competitor for other applications like Instapaper and Pocket.

Just to remind you, other options like photos or notes as we might already know was available since long time ago, photo feature allow you to save and view photos on Facebook and if you like to print your photos, you can download it and save to your computer, then you can print it, easy especially if you have the best all in one printers 2017 where you can do many things, not only print but you can also scan your photos then upload it to facebook. Meanwhile for notes feature, you can write some note and publish it to your facebook account and share your notes to others. Easy and fast overall.

Have you seen this feature on your Facebook page ??

Samsung introduces Youm – Bendable Flexible OLED displays [CES 2013]

There are some rumours out there that South Korean company, Samsung may launch (bendable) Smartphones that has excellent and Flexible displays in 2013, and as you already know, once again Samsung has made it true and proved it now no longer a blind rumour, it’s become available now.

Although the company has not officially unveiled the exact smartphone, Samsung showcased to the public the prototype with Youm Displays. Youm is known as Samsung’s latest Thin, Flexible, Bendable with OLED Displays and it is virtually unbreakable.

Brian Berkeley as Samsung’s senior vice president at consumer electronics show (CES) 2013 proudly showed, Youm the flexible display prototype meanwhile, Chief technical strategy officer from Microsoft, Eric Rudder also  joined the stage to showing off a smartphone that is powered by Windows Mobile OS using flexible Youm Display.

“Because OLEDs produce their own light, [they] don’t require thick, heavy, power-consuming back lights,” said Brian Berkeley, “Now, thanks to Samsung technology, they can be flexible, too.” he added.

This smartphone is scheduled to be available in the near future, there is no information about exact time about its release date.

So in case you can’t wait with Samsung Samrtphone, there are many smartphones out there with awesome features and with bigger display also Samsung always make their smartphone line up to date and users can pair it with various devices including the best photo printers 2017 that allow users can print directly from mobile phone to the printer wirelessly, no cable at all. Easy and fast to do.