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Apple iWatch to be unveiled on September 9th along with iPhone 6: Re/code

Apple iWatch

Looks like the final call for Apple’s much much much anticipated iWatch or whatever it might be called, is now, as Re/Code has reported that Apple’s first wearable to debut along with the new iPhone (iPhone 6) on September 9th company event.

Apple iWatch

While a few days weeks back there was a report saying that Production issues have pushed iWatch launch to 2015, this new report looks so hard to believe. Nevertheless nothing is confirmed until the device appears on stage during iPhone 6 launch.

Apple is expected to unveil iWatch in 3 different variants with different screen sizes,1.6-inch & 1.8-inch of flexible displays and with loads of sensors that can put it in the top of line wearables available in the market. 

Popular Gadget Leakster @evleaks retires


If you are a keen follower of Gadget trends, you cannot ignore this name @evleaks – the most popular leakster whose leaks were mostly accurate. The owner of @evleaks twitter handle is Evan Blass who has worked with Engadget and Pocket Now before starting @evleaks.


Though he was popular among Tech Bloggers and Gadget Freaks, the man with Multiple Sclerosis couldn’t find a potential revenue stream with @evleaks and the website he found on top of that  and so he decided to quit the leaking game and find a job that can help him securing for his future as his disease is worsening. Though the twitter handle is going to be live, we can’t expect the same-old games online. All the best Evan for leakentertaining us so far!

[via TNW]

Top 8 iOS 8 features that could attract Android users


Apple kicked off WWDC ’14 with a successful Keynote launching the next version of OSX, OSX Yosemite and iOS 8, the most anticipated next generation operating system for Apple mobile devices (iPhones & iPads).

Talking about the Key rival – Android, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “They had bought an Android phone, by mistake, and then had sought a better experience, and a better life. And decided to check out iPhones and iOS.” and supported it with this stat: “Nearly half of our customers in China in the past six months switched from Android to iPhone. This is incredible.”


Doesn’t matter whether, what Tim Cook said is true or false, but we feel there are some features in the new iOS 8 that could really attract Android users towards iOS.

Whatsapp + Snapchat + Instagram = iMessage 

iOS 8 Audio Message

iMessage has evolved to a very new level by enabling Whatsapp-like audio messaging and Instagram-like video messaging and also adds Snapchat-like ephemeral messaging. More Whatsapp features like Group conversation and Location Sharing are also included in the latest iMessage.

Improved Interactive Notification Center:

ios 8 Interactive Notifications

iOS users didn’t see a lot of Notifications except few before iOS 7 and that’s a big thing that made Android fans to be proud of since Notifications in Android way better in Android but with iOS 8, Apple has beaten Android by implementing Interactive Notifications that allow the users to respond in the same screen and the level of this responding is so deep that not only you can reply to your iMessages or trash the incoming email but also can comment on the Facebook notifications and other such third-part apps generated notifications, just in the same screen where you are working without opening the notifying app.

Smartest Keyboard:

ios 8 keyboard prediction

The first iPhone revolutionized texting with a full touch QWERTY keyboard and since that Android keyboards have evolved a lot and lot but the pioneer who introduced it, iOS didn’t do well. In iOS 8, Apple relaunches the iOS keyboard that can be claimed as the smartest iOS keyboard ever, because it understands what you are writing and to whom you are writing and based on those, it gives you (auto) suggestions (that don’t look like the auto-correction jokes) but with a lot of prediction and maturity. And more than that, iOS 8 supports Third-part keyboards much like Android so it’s time to expect leading Android keyboard like Swiftkey, Swype and Fleksy keyboards for iOS.


iOS Health App Screenshot

Leveraging the sensors in iPhone, iOS 8 collects all of your health data like Sleeping pattern, Walking steps, Calories burned, Heart Rate and other such data and present it in one location – Health App - which will give a clear view of all the health parameters and also interact with other Health and Fitness apps in the device. Also ultimately can notify your Physician in case of emergency and expected to do more.

Family Sharing:

iOS 8 Family Sharing

With iOS 8, A family of size 6 can share their paid apps that are purchased with one credit card among themselves through Family Sharing, thus saving a huge cost for each family. Any purchase from iTunes, iBooks and App Store can be shared among those 6 family members provided the CC is same and iOS 8 also introduces Family Calendar and makes Photo sharing within the family much easier.

iPhone – iPad – Mac Continuity:

iOS 8 Continuity Handsofff

Don’t tell me that you haven’t been embarrassed when you have to pick your ringing Phone that’s slightly away from your laptop in which you are working currently and iOS 8 together with OSX Yosemite aims to solve this embarrassment and that’s Continuity (Handsoff). Thus all three, iPhone, iPad and Mac are connected and communicating each other when they are close by and and if WiFi access point is not there to connect, then the personal hotspot would do the magic. Starting from attending calls to writing emails across devices can be accomplished and once again Apple opens up this to developers so that they can write such apps to make them enable Handsoff for the users.

iCloud Drive:

iOS 8 iCloud Drive

Apple launches iCloud drive, much like Google Drive and Dropbox and have also launched apps for OSX Yosemite and Windows 7+ thus all your files across Windows and Mac will be available in your iPhone/iPad to access and to edit and any edit in one device will reflect immediately in the other as all of them are in sync with the cloud (much like Evernote).

Smart Spotlight:

iOS 8 Spotlight App Store

Spotlight is one great feature that allows users to find anything in their iOS device. Let it be a Contact or Music, Spotlight indexes all together so that just in one search users can find what they want in their iOS device. And with iOS 8, Spotlight’s search capability goes beyond your iOS device and includes more services like iTunes, App Store, Wikipedia, News, Places and much more.

While these 8 features might attract Android users directly, the new iOS 8 SDK with things like Touch ID access, Metal, HomeKit can bring loads of useful apps that Android hasn’t yet seen. Unlike iOS 7, that was not well received (though adapted widely) among iOS users, iOS 8 has already got a huge welcome and users are getting ready to hug the all new iOS 8 in the coming fall. So Are you Android users tempted now?

4G LTE is being tested By Samsung On Galaxy S4 Mini in India

Galaxy S4 Mini

LTE aka 4G is slowly being rolled out in India with Airtel providing its services in Bangalore,Chandigarh and Kolkata  via Data Modems .RCOM has its own plans for the future.This being the scenario,most devices launched with LTE connectivity globally are not sold as such in India.The devices come void of LTE  connectivity but with HSPA+ option.Currently India uses TD-LTE band which is only supported on the iPhone 5s and 5c.

Times are going to change and the first step is being made by Samsung by testing Galaxy S4 mini with LTE on it in India.

Galaxy S4 Mini

Galaxy S4 Mini

Yes! Samsung is importing a limited number of S4 mini devices for testing LTE in the country as per an import manifest acquired by MakTechBlog.After the testing gets over ,Samsung might launch its range of devices with LTE on it.Currently the Galaxy S4 mini (non LTE) retails at RS.16798 on Flipkart.



Online Electronics retailer Newegg set to enter Indian Market


Just after the news that Indian government might allow Foreign Direct Investment in E-Commerce came out, California-based Online Electronics Retailer, Newegg announced its plan to enter Indian market and also 5 more countries.


Making the official announcement on the last day of Computex 2014, Newegg revealed its plans to expand its business to six new countries – India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and Singapore along with US, Canada, UK and Australia where it currently serves and the company is also shutting down its service in Malaysia as it almost failed.

India being a very price sensitive market already has a lot of local e-commerce players like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Infibeam and the recent international entrant Amazon – all of them fighting to conquer their market share with different strategies like EMI, Free Delivery, Cash-on-Delivery and much more so it wouldn’t be a cakewalk for Newegg to get recognized in India and would require a strong dynamic team with clear cut plans and vision to rise above in this competition. Newegg is well-known online retailing of PC parts at great prices so for Indian customers, another global player in India means an extra choice and more discount.

[via Cnet]