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Create Google Now Reminders from your Desktop Google Search

Have you wondered on how to create a reminder in your Smartphone directly from Desktop/Laptop without any third-part apps? It’s easier now with the power of Google Now. Right from the Desktop Google Search, you can setup a reminder in your smartphone and the best thing about it is that the reminders can be either Time-based or Location-based (Tracking ;)) and Google Now will take care of reminding you in your Smartphone.

Steps to create Google Now Reminders from Desktop Google Search:

1. “Reminder” is the hot word here, so append “Reminder” with what you want to be reminded and Search in Google.


2. Once you get the instant reminder adding menu, Edit the Title (Subject) as you wish and add when or where you want Google Now to remind you about it.


3. Click “Remind me on Google Now” button at the bottom and You are done!

Google Now Reminder

You can check that in your Android/iOS device -> Google Now -> Reminders. Simple as that! And it’s not only for task reminders but also for special occasions and events, say, if you are searching for Women’s day, then Google will show the instant Card result and will also ask you to add a reminder if you want and once you click that, it’s done – Reminder added!

womens day reminder Google now

[via Google OS Blog]

How to get ‘Ok Google’ Always Listening Voice Search in Chrome browser

Ok Google

“Ok Google” has become Google’s Mantra for waking up a sleeping device – especially a smartphone – to make it start listening to the user and this fun feature has been received well by the users of Moto X in which it first appeared and now featured in Android 4.4 KitKat.

But Ok Google found its way into Smartphones because of the buzz that Google Glass created, All you need to say is “Ok Glass” which puts the Glass in listening mode to hear what the master orders.

While this ‘Ok Google’ is a great fun, it’s also useful when we need to do a Google search but too lazy to type and realizing that not only Smartphone users are lazy but also the Computer users, Google is porting the same feature to Google Chrome for desktop users and a simple chrome plug-in enables it.

Here we explain How to get ‘Ok Google’ Always Listening Voice Search in Chrome browser:

1. Click here to download and install ‘Google Voice Search Hotword‘ Chrome Plug-in from Chrome Webstore.

2. Allow the Plug-in to access the computer’s Microphone.

3. Open and You can see Google Search Text box with notification saying ‘Say Ok Google’ and a Dark Microphone Logo which means Google is Listening to you for ‘Ok Google’ command.

Ok Google

That’s it, your Chrome browser is configured for using ‘Ok Google’ hot word (Always Listening) feature. Currently the feature works only for and works perfectly fine in both Windows and Mac computers.


Watch Apple’s iPad Event Live

iPad Live streaming

Apple is getting ready to unveil its next generation of devices.Apple is live streaming the event for all the fans worldwide.It requires a Mac running OS X v10.6 or later and Safari on an iOS 4.2 or later version to watch it exclusively.Rest of us have no way to catch it live.

The event starts 5PM GMT / 10AM Pacific time which is to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco.

iPad Live streaming

The Cupertino Giant is expected to announce new iPad 5,iPad mini 2 with Retina Display ,Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks for consumers and maybe some Mac products.It seems like iPad mini 2 will steal the show as it is predicted to outsell the iPad 5.

Simple Steps to prevent Google from showing your face in Ads

Google Shared Endorsement

For quite a few days, as a Google user You’d have noticed a strange blue-bar in your Google Home page and a new Google+ notification – both saying,

Hi there. Our new Terms of Service update how we display your information in content & ads.

Google New TOS

And the new changes in the Terms of Service are here:

We’ve made three changes:

  • First, clarifying how your Profile name and photo might appear in Google products (including in reviews, advertising and other commercial contexts).
  • Second, a reminder to use your mobile devices safely.
  • Third, details on the importance of keeping your password confidential.

Google Shared EndorsementIn simple terms, Google is gonna use your Face (Display/Profile Picture) in showing ads and contents to your friends which Facebook is doing for a long time. But unlike Facebook, Google allows the users to opt out from the program thus preventing Google from showing from your face in Ads and content.

Here are the simple steps that’ll prevent Google from showing your face in Ads:

1. Click Google Plus Shared Endorsement Settings

Prevent Google Face Endorsement

2. Uncheck the box saying ‘Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads.’ and hit Save.

Google Face Endorse Prevent2

3. A small pop-up would ask you “Are you sure? - When you disable this setting, your friends will be less likely to benefit from your recommendations.” and obviously we are sure to opt out from this so hit Continue.

That’s it you are successfully opted out from the new Shared Endorsement program and (as of now) prevented Google showing your face in Ads/Contents that are shown to your friends.

Simple steps on How to edit a Facebook status update or post

Facebook Post Edit

Finally Facebook has introduced the most-anticipated edit feature, now users who want to edit their Facebook status update or post can do it. While this feature was absent, Facebook users used to delete the entire post just because of a small mistake or spell error but with this feature it doesn’t only save time but also could save the users from landing in controversies with their posts or status updates.

Here are simple steps that explain how to edit a Facebook status update or post:

1. Click the Top right arrow (marked red in the below pic) in the post/status update that you want to edit.

Facebook Post Edit

2. Select Edit (marked red in the below pic) that’s found after ‘Add Location’ in the small menu that popped up after clicking the arrow at top right of the post/status update.

3. The exact text of the status update/post opens in a new text box where it can be edited. (Even links can be edited) and Click Done Editing once the editing is done.

Facebook Post Edit 2

4. Now the new edited (modified) post appears with a small desc at the bottom saying ‘Edited’ which when clicked will show the Edit History.

Facebook Post Edit 3

Thus your Facebook Post/Status update has been edited successfully.

This Facebook status update/post edit feature is already available for Android and Web users and will be soon available for iOS users, and is not yet available for Facebook pages.