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Samsung Gear S with Curved Display and 3G Connectivity


Samsung has launched its newest Smartwatch, Samsung Gear S, ahead of IFA 2014. Unlike the previous offerings, Gear S comes with two unique features – 1. A Curved AMOLED Display and 2. 3G Connectivity that means the Smartwatch doesn’t always need to be in connection with the Smartphone for making/receiving calls or Texting.


Once again Samsung ditched Google but this time twice by using- 1. Samsung’s own Tizen instead of Google’s Android Wear and 2. Nokia’s Here maps instead of Google Maps. Well, that’s sort of a worry for Sundar Pichai and co. Apparently, Samsung has made the design of Gear S much like our traditional wrist watch to appeal mainstream audience rather than just Techies.


Gear S comes with an array of Sensors such as accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, compass, and monitors for heart rate, UV, and ambient light, and also dust and water resistance with IP-67 certification. On Specifications front, Gear S features a 2-inch curved AMOLED display 360×480 of resolution 360×480 pixels, 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage and 300 mAh battery (that can withstand for 2 days), Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi, GPS/ Glonass and 2G/ 3G connectivity support.

While the pricing hasn’t not been revealed, Samsung Gear S will go on sale in October.

[via Samsung Mobile Press]

LG G Watch R, Round-faced Smartwatch to be launched at IFA ’14

LG G Watch R

After launching G Watch, Square-faced Smartwatch  a few months back, LG is getting serious into the business and this time it’s a Round-Faced, LG G Watch R (the R must stand for Round).

LG G Watch R

This upcoming Round Smartwatch was confirmed with a video teaser on the official LG Mobile Global YouTube channel that gives a sneak-peak of the round design along with features like pedometer, compass and more. LG G Watch R is expected to be introduced in the upcoming IFA ’14. 

With the much-loved Moto 360 yet to available for the mainstream, a similar round-faced Smartwatch from LG could gain traction from those Moto 360 fans so this could be the right time for LG to secure a decent user base.

Xiaomi to enter Indonesia with a 5-inch Dual-sim Mi Device

MI Indonesia

Disruptive Smartphone maker, Xiaomi’s next destination after India is Indonesia. In an attempt to conquer the whole South-East Asia, Xiaomi is getting expanded time-to-time since the arrival of Global VP, Hugo Barra.

MI Indonesia

Announcing the entry to Indonesia, Hugo Barra in his Facebook mentioned that Xiaomi is landing in Indonesia with a 5-inch Dual-Sim Mi Smartphone but surprisingly both Mi3 and Mi4 are not Dual-Sim devices so does Xiaomi plan to launch a new model especially for Indonesia?

So the game begins here and Should Samsung worry more about this rapid expansion of Xiaomi?

Xiaomi Mi3 Flash Sale to begin in Flipkart at 2:00 pm IST Today [Updated]

Flipkart Mi3 Sale

Xiaomi Mi3′s first phase sales was really too flashy to the level that it left many Mi Enthusiasts in frustration resulting in a very highly disappointing article from BGR India and its time for the second sale now.

Flipkart seems to be sending a reminder email for qualified pre-registrants with the procedure for fast check out.

Flipkart Mi3 SaleWe don’t know how much units are available for sale today but if it’s going to 10K like the first flash sale, It’s damn sure that Xiaomi is going to leave many hearts so hardened.

— Update —

Just in less than 5 minutes after 2:00 pm IST (the sale was begun), Mi 3 is Out of Stock and It’s ridiculous. There is no FCFS rather it looks like Gambling.


[via Flipkart]

Sailfish OS lovers can buy Jolla phones via Snapdeal in India

Jolla Sailfish OS

Apart from Firefox OS and Tizen (?) as potential alternatives for Android, another expectant is Jolla’s Meego-inspired Sailfish OS.

Despite the fact that Jolla couldn’t make any buzz in Smartphone market since its commercial handset launch in Europe last year, the company has almost landed in India, one of the fastest growing smartphone market, via Online retailer Snapdeal.
Jolla Sailfish OS

The company quietly announced this news in Twitter with a link to company’s home page where we can subscribe to Jolla’s Newsletter.

Though India is a place where a lot of smartphones are sold nowadays, it’s always tough here for a new brand to rise if it’s not widely known in the market and Jolla is one such rare species that came alive from dead after Nokia shunned Meego and Yes, it’s popular among Devs who are strived to support this fallen warrior but Devs aren’t the only consumers in India and with almost no marketing activity so far (apart from a few bloggers covering this news) it’s too hard for Jolla to make an impact in India, and Jolla’s Indian sales partner Snapdeal knows this very well but still when I search for Jolla in Snapdeal,all I see is Footwear (Men & Women) and that’s worse sign indicating that there is no enthusiasm from both Jolla and Snapdeal in launching the device in second most populous country where a proper launch with competitive pricing and excellent marketing can sell any device like cakes.

Fine, Let’s Keep Calm and see what are these guys – Snapdeal and Jolla – going to Carry on.