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Alibaba to invest $10 Billion fund in Snapchat?


Alibaba might be getting ready for the world’s huge IPO, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping the Chinese eCommerce Giant from spending a huge cash on a single mobile application – Snapchat and the value is $10 Billion. Yes, Bloomberg reports that Snapchat is in talks with Alibaba for $10 Billion funding which doesn’t look like a clever move.


Apparently, Snapchat is just a mobile application that shares photos and texts between various users and such a huge funding is on par with well-known startups like Airbnb and Dropbox therefore seems to be an insane investment. While the growth of Whatsapp may have propelled Alibaba to do so, Snapchat is not the only app that does such ephemeral messaging stuffs but there are a lot of clones – the recent one Slingshot from Facebook and the leaked-upcoming Bolt from Instagram (again from Facebook) hence the competition piles up that means Snapchat users might get split here and there, and with no definite revenue model, funding of $10 billion is a big risk for Alibaba just before the time of its IPO so let’s see how market watchers react to it in case if it happens.

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Xiaomi Mi3 Flash Sale to begin in Flipkart at 2:00 pm IST Today [Updated]

Flipkart Mi3 Sale

Xiaomi Mi3′s first phase sales was really too flashy to the level that it left many Mi Enthusiasts in frustration resulting in a very highly disappointing article from BGR India and its time for the second sale now.

Flipkart seems to be sending a reminder email for qualified pre-registrants with the procedure for fast check out.

Flipkart Mi3 SaleWe don’t know how much units are available for sale today but if it’s going to 10K like the first flash sale, It’s damn sure that Xiaomi is going to leave many hearts so hardened.

— Update —

Just in less than 5 minutes after 2:00 pm IST (the sale was begun), Mi 3 is Out of Stock and It’s ridiculous. There is no FCFS rather it looks like Gambling.


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Create Google Now Reminders from your Desktop Google Search

Have you wondered on how to create a reminder in your Smartphone directly from Desktop/Laptop without any third-part apps? It’s easier now with the power of Google Now. Right from the Desktop Google Search, you can setup a reminder in your smartphone and the best thing about it is that the reminders can be either Time-based or Location-based (Tracking ;)) and Google Now will take care of reminding you in your Smartphone.

Steps to create Google Now Reminders from Desktop Google Search:

1. “Reminder” is the hot word here, so append “Reminder” with what you want to be reminded and Search in Google.


2. Once you get the instant reminder adding menu, Edit the Title (Subject) as you wish and add when or where you want Google Now to remind you about it.


3. Click “Remind me on Google Now” button at the bottom and You are done!

Google Now Reminder

You can check that in your Android/iOS device -> Google Now -> Reminders. Simple as that! And it’s not only for task reminders but also for special occasions and events, say, if you are searching for Women’s day, then Google will show the instant Card result and will also ask you to add a reminder if you want and once you click that, it’s done – Reminder added!

womens day reminder Google now

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Sailfish OS lovers can buy Jolla phones via Snapdeal in India

Jolla Sailfish OS

Apart from Firefox OS and Tizen (?) as potential alternatives for Android, another expectant is Jolla’s Meego-inspired Sailfish OS.

Despite the fact that Jolla couldn’t make any buzz in Smartphone market since its commercial handset launch in Europe last year, the company has almost landed in India, one of the fastest growing smartphone market, via Online retailer Snapdeal.
Jolla Sailfish OS

The company quietly announced this news in Twitter with a link to company’s home page where we can subscribe to Jolla’s Newsletter.

Though India is a place where a lot of smartphones are sold nowadays, it’s always tough here for a new brand to rise if it’s not widely known in the market and Jolla is one such rare species that came alive from dead after Nokia shunned Meego and Yes, it’s popular among Devs who are strived to support this fallen warrior but Devs aren’t the only consumers in India and with almost no marketing activity so far (apart from a few bloggers covering this news) it’s too hard for Jolla to make an impact in India, and Jolla’s Indian sales partner Snapdeal knows this very well but still when I search for Jolla in Snapdeal,all I see is Footwear (Men & Women) and that’s worse sign indicating that there is no enthusiasm from both Jolla and Snapdeal in launching the device in second most populous country where a proper launch with competitive pricing and excellent marketing can sell any device like cakes.

Fine, Let’s Keep Calm and see what are these guys – Snapdeal and Jolla – going to Carry on.

Jaguar envisions Sci-Fi Car Windshield with Augmented Reality

Jaguar Land Rover Ghost Windshield

Stuffs like Holography and Augmented Reality have not still hit the mainstream consumer market yet and that’s why anything that we see related to those Sci-Fi stuffs are really amazing to our eyes hence Makers try to put those appealing stuffs in their future devices irrespective of the nature of the device.
Jaguar Land Rover Ghost Windshield

One such recent show off is Jaguar Land rover’s concept Windshield powered by Augmented Reality that puts Interactive Virtual Display with Iron Man’s Jarvis-style User Interface in Car Windshield. Apart from an on-screen Speedometer, The concept brings In-road Virtual Racing lines whose color changes from Red to Green to provide braking guidance to drive in optimum track route and also there is ability to deploy Virtual cones on the road for the driver’s own training.

If that’s about safety, there is a fun feature called “Ghost Car” too that shows Virtual Cars against which drivers can race in real-time or against laps uploaded by other drivers. While this looks great in the video, this is still a concept that’s under progress and a Jaguar Land Rover spokesperson confirms that this might take at least 10 years to hit production.

[via Mashable]