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Google vs Amazon – Prime Air vs Project Wing #Drolivery


It made a lot of sense when Online Retail Giant Amazon talked about Prime Air - its plans to use Drones for faster delivery but now when Internet Giant Google talks about the same concept of Drolivery (Drone Delivery), it apparently looks weird. Really, What’s a Search Engine going to deliver via Drones? Images? News? Websites? Youtube Videos? Oh boy, Forgot that Google is no more just a Search Engine Company but they have evolved themselves as the Web-front and not just limited to Internet but they are into Smartphones (Nexus), Tablets (Nexus), Laptops (Chromebook) and even into Robotics (Boston Dynamics) but their latest attempt named “Project Wing” almost directly challenges the future of Amazon.


Yes, “Project Wing” is Google’s attempt at Drolivery which can be a potential replacement to current delivery systems. While this is not the first time, both these companies have locked horns with each other because,

Google Amazon
Android OS (Default)* Fire OS (Forked Android)
Play Store* App Store
Nexus Phone* Fire Phone
Nexus Tablet* Kindle Fire
Chromecast* Fire TV
YouTube* Prime Instant Video
Shopping Express Same-Day Delivery*
Google Cloud * Amazon Web Services
Google Offers (Shutting Down)* Amazon Local
Google Wallet* Amazon Payments
Google Adwords* Amazon ads (Coming soon)
Project Wing Prime Air*

* indicates who’s first.

Project Wing was initially revealed in a story from The Atlantic and then confirmed by Google with a YouTube video. Here’s what’s happening in the Video:

“As part of our research, we built a vehicle and traveled to Queensland, Australia for some test flights,” Google said in a video’s description. “There, we successfully delivered a first aid kit, candy bars, dog treats, and water to a couple of Australian farmers.”

Hence it’s clear that Google is doing something in Amazon’s zone and looks like the f(l)ight is just taking off now.

Apple iWatch to be unveiled on September 9th along with iPhone 6: Re/code

Apple iWatch

Looks like the final call for Apple’s much much much anticipated iWatch or whatever it might be called, is now, as Re/Code has reported that Apple’s first wearable to debut along with the new iPhone (iPhone 6) on September 9th company event.

Apple iWatch

While a few days weeks back there was a report saying that Production issues have pushed iWatch launch to 2015, this new report looks so hard to believe. Nevertheless nothing is confirmed until the device appears on stage during iPhone 6 launch.

Apple is expected to unveil iWatch in 3 different variants with different screen sizes,1.6-inch & 1.8-inch of flexible displays and with loads of sensors that can put it in the top of line wearables available in the market. 

Samsung Gear S with Curved Display and 3G Connectivity


Samsung has launched its newest Smartwatch, Samsung Gear S, ahead of IFA 2014. Unlike the previous offerings, Gear S comes with two unique features – 1. A Curved AMOLED Display and 2. 3G Connectivity that means the Smartwatch doesn’t always need to be in connection with the Smartphone for making/receiving calls or Texting.


Once again Samsung ditched Google but this time twice by using- 1. Samsung’s own Tizen instead of Google’s Android Wear and 2. Nokia’s Here maps instead of Google Maps. Well, that’s sort of a worry for Sundar Pichai and co. Apparently, Samsung has made the design of Gear S much like our traditional wrist watch to appeal mainstream audience rather than just Techies.


Gear S comes with an array of Sensors such as accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, compass, and monitors for heart rate, UV, and ambient light, and also dust and water resistance with IP-67 certification. On Specifications front, Gear S features a 2-inch curved AMOLED display 360×480 of resolution 360×480 pixels, 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage and 300 mAh battery (that can withstand for 2 days), Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi, GPS/ Glonass and 2G/ 3G connectivity support.

While the pricing hasn’t not been revealed, Samsung Gear S will go on sale in October.

[via Samsung Mobile Press]

LG G Watch R, Round-faced Smartwatch to be launched at IFA ’14

LG G Watch R

After launching G Watch, Square-faced Smartwatch  a few months back, LG is getting serious into the business and this time it’s a Round-Faced, LG G Watch R (the R must stand for Round).

LG G Watch R

This upcoming Round Smartwatch was confirmed with a video teaser on the official LG Mobile Global YouTube channel that gives a sneak-peak of the round design along with features like pedometer, compass and more. LG G Watch R is expected to be introduced in the upcoming IFA ’14. 

With the much-loved Moto 360 yet to available for the mainstream, a similar round-faced Smartwatch from LG could gain traction from those Moto 360 fans so this could be the right time for LG to secure a decent user base.

Top 5 MIUI 6 Design Copies (MIUI6 vs iOS7)


Xiaomi, the Apple of China, has always been in accusation for copying Apple in many of its design practices and business methodologies. And that accusation isn’t going to be faded of anytime as the company’s recent launch MIUI 6, a much flatter – colorful Android ROM just blatantly copies from various sources mainly iOS 7 and some other too.

5. Calculator (from iOS7)


4. Calendar (from Sunrise iOS7 app)



3. Voice Recorder (from iOS7 Siri)


2. Clock (from Timely Android App)


1. Compass (from iOS 7)



Nevertheless, For CopyCat sniffers, these are copied designs and for MIUI users, these are inspirations from the bests in the world. Well, it’s sort of!