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Twitter tests revamped Search UI for web


As reported by a few users, Twitter seems to be revamping its search layout which almost mimics Facebook’s search layout. The new search UI looks better and also has a tabbed structure that categorizes  - Top, Live, Account, Photos, Videos and More Options.


Twitter seems to be currently in the mode of revamping itself with the recent changes being updated trends on mobile, a refreshed home page but on the negative side, Twitter is getting ready to place ads on user profiles (much like Linkedin) and it must be scarier for brands because what if Twitter places Pespi ads on Coca Cola profile page.




HTC One M7 receives OTA Android 5.0 Lollipop update


As we are nearing MWC 2015 with rumors about the next flagship of HTC (HTC One M9) smartphone, HTC has released OTA Android 5.0 Lollipop update for their 2013 flagship model HTC One M7. One M7 owners from different parts of the world has reported that they’ve received an OTA update of almost 800 MB size to upgrade their devices to Google’s latest Android OS.

It’s so hard to find old-Android devices running Lollipop except Nexus and Motorola devices and even HTC missed its 90-day promise mark and even while M7 owners aren’t sure whether they’d receive Lollipop update, HTC has suddenly made them happy with this new update which might be the last OS update from the company for One M7 owners.

Currently users from Middle East, Canada and UK (Europe) have reported about Lollipop update.

HTC One M7 Lollipop Screenshots



HTC One M7 running Lollipop Notifications Screenshot


Htc One M7 Lollipop Lockscreen Screenshot

HP’s made a sushi tweet out of Lenovo’s Superfish Scandal


While almost every Lenovo owner is freaking out in fear after the recent revealed security breach by the world’s largest PC manufacturer Lenovo, its competitor HP is making some fun out of it.

The buzzword now in the world of personal computing is “SuperFish“, that’s the name of the adware that Lenovo intentionally installed in every computer that it sold. But aren’t fishes meant to be eaten? Well, that’s the same concern that HP has.

While you enjoy HP’s Sushi, (If you are a Lenovo user) Download Lenovo’s new Superfish Removal tool and shut your system’s backdoor for hackers.

#Facebookdown trends in Twitter as Facebook & Instagram are down


People who live in Internet have gone crazy as servers of Facebook & Instagram are down! The moment Facebook went down, the whole crowd which hardly visits Twitter (looks so) jumped in there to complain and express their frustration hence the hashtag #FacebookDown started trending worldwide. Fortunately, Whatsapp which is also owned by Facebook is working fine.
Instagram has acknowledged the service outage in Twitter and working on a fix.

Meanwhile check this trending hashtag #facebookdown for some fun :D

Blackberry Classic is the best alternative for Bold & Curve


In the age of Full Touchscreen smartphones, Blackberry has launched Blackberry Classic, a smartphone that comes with classical Physical keyboard which used to be the most loved feature of Blackberry devices. Since the arrival of CEO John Chen, Blackberry focuses on leveraging their strengths like Security with which Blackberry partnered up with Samsung to provide end-to-end Android security, Physical Keyboards that resulted in the much-hyped launch of Squarish Blackberry Passport and now Blackberry Classic. Unlike Passport, Classic isn’t so expensive thus targeting the mid-range smartphone users more specifically the Blackberry fans who still has a bit of taste left for Physical Keyboard devices.


Blackberry Classic features a square Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protected 3.5-inch touchscreen with 720 x 720 pixels resolution powered by a dual-core Qualcomm processor with 2 GB RAM & 16 GB Internal Storage. With 8 MP Rear Camera and 2 MP front shooter, Classic tries to stay in alive in this camera-obsessed smartphone age. Riding on the power of Blackberry 10 OS, Classic comes with a dedicated button for Blackberry Assistant, a Siri-like thing that can do a handful set of tasks when asked for. Blackberry Classic also comes with pre-installed Amazon Appstore that brings Android apps to the blackberry device. Though there would be problems with Aspect ratio while running the apps, Classic allows you to select the best aspect ration in which app can be run, hence a nice addition for app-craving individuals. Nevertheless, Blackberry Classic isn’t for such nerdy youths or gamers, it’s for business persons who just scroll through their emails all the day and want a highly secure yet powerful smartphone. Along with the above offerings, Blackberry Classic also promises a faster browser and more battery standby up to 22 hrs with 2515 mAh battery.

Verdict: Blackberry Classic isn’t going to conquer the busy smartphone space that’s ruled by Apple & Samsung (Okay! Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei are also there), yet it’s the best alternative available for Blackberry Bold & Curve users.

[Source Blackberry Press]