Top 10 Best LED Flashlights 2019 Review & Guide

LED flashlight is sure no longer a niche technology. Now, you can buy this kind of flashlight at almost any store, and many of the good ones are not even that expensive. However, while LED flashlight nowadays has better quality than regular flashlight with common bulb, you must pay attention to the quality like you do when choosing other products.

With so many great LED flashlights out there, it can be difficult to make the choice as to which one to buy. This task can be made much easier though by taking some research and read reviews about each product. Well, you do not need to be confused because you can get all the information here. The following products are worth to consider if you want to buy a flashlight. Let’s take a closer look;

Top 10 Best LED Flashlight 2019

1. Maglite XL200, Black LED Flashlight

Maglite XL200 is a Maglite LED flashlight product that has found way to reach household users from its common place at the belts of police officers. As a line of flashlight brand renowned for its brightness, Maglite XL200 offers brightness and varied selection mode that can be adjusted with just a couple of clicks on a button.


Like all LED flashlights made by Maglite, this product looks sleek and slim and fits perfectly on your grip. The exterior is made of aluminum with anodized interior, to prevent corrosion (perfect for much outdoor usage). This LED flashlight only has one button to perform all adjustment and on-off functions.

XL200 Features :

• 172 lumens that create good brightness level for indoor and outdoor using.
• Powerful projection of the LED beam that create maximum brightness despite of its small size.
• Five brightness modes for different purposes. The modes are SOS, signal, night light, strobe and high power. They can be adjusted using just one button.
• 218 running hours for mostly low light setting and 2.5 hours for bright light setting.
• Batteries included.

2. Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL

Tactical LED flashlightof Streamlight is a favorite of security guards, police officers and prison wardens. Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL provides all necessary features from such tactical tool: high level of brightness, tough exterior, easily adjustable operation modes and great beam reflection.


Streamlight 88040 is quite light for a tactical flashlight; only 5.2 inches at length and 1.4 inches at diameter and thickness. The exterior is made of extremely light yet tough aircraft aluminum, with special cap that prevents it from roll away when you drop it or put it on a flat surface. O Ring seal prevents water and moisture to seep in (it can stand immersion in 1 meter deep water body).


Streamlight 88040 LED flashlight has several great features that make this one of the most favorite tactical flashlights for new generations of law enforcement officers and security guards:

• 600 lumens and C4 LED technology that provide extreme brightness, perfect for inspecting dark places, prison wards, large warehouses and many more.
• Three adjustable mode selections: high only, high-low and high-strobe-low.
• Long running hours, 1.5 hours for continuous usage on high setting.
• Adjustable beam spread for more focused/wider light distribution.
• Batteries, holster and pocket clip available in the package.

3. Streamlight 73001 Nano Light

Streamlight 73001 is an LED flashlight that you can use for various household tasks and outdoor activities. The flashlight comes in small yet practical and powerful package with snap hook. You can hook the flashlight to your backpack, utility belt and garage hook, or keeping it easily in your purse, toolbox and glove compartment. With 10 lumens of light output, it is very ideal for household or indoor tasks, and supporting bigger flashlight during camping, hiking or outdoor expedition.


This LED flashlight is less than 2 inch long excluding the snap hook, makes it very practical and lightweight. The outdoor case is made of aircraft aluminum, makes it light and strong. The LED area is made into parabolic shape; this makes the light beam spread well and illuminati wider spot despite of the flashlight’s size. The snap hook is easy to attach and release, even with just one hand.

Specific Features

Streamlight 73001 (Keychain LED Flashlight) has several features that make it unique among other small LED flashlights:

• 10 lumens of light output provides by IEC LR41 coin cells.
• 8 hours of running time with continuous usage.
• 100,000 hour of white LED bulb with parabolic LED beam area (four bulbs are included in the package).
• Electronics that boost the battery to produce brighter beam.
• Rotating on-off mode.
• Four batteries as energy sources (included).

4. Coast HP7 Focusing 360

Coast HP7 251 Lumens is a great LED flashlight to use in almost every situation; from household usage, in the warehouse and garage, during emergency or in the car, and for supporting law enforcement tasks. It also has long running time even in continuous usage or in high brightness setting. The flashlight is also durable and water resistant, perfect for outdoor activities.

First Look

Coast HP7 is less than 7.5 ounce weighed with ergonomic grip, and coated with black aluminum that makes it light but strong as well as rustproof. It also has hard, unbreakable LED and O Ring to give water resistant quality.


This LED flashlight has several specific features for great performance:

• Low light output of 58 lumens and high output of 360 lumens give maximum performance at every light setting.
• Double focus adjustment system for both spot and wide beams.
• Flawless focus system that produces spot beam without creating dark rings.
• Bulls Eye spot beam system that creates outer light ring while the flashlight is in spot beam mode, enables you to see other areas outside the one that becomes your focus.
• Beam locking system, locking the beam at a fixed position for better focus.
• 741 feet (226 meters) of beam focus range.
• Four AAA batteries included.

5. Nebo Redline SOS 220 Lumen

Nebo Redline SOS 220 Lumen is a good LED flashlight to have if you need more independence during certain jobs in the dark, as well as tough flashlight that can even serve as a self defense purpose. The flashlight has several useful features for aiding any activities in the dark, and the exterior is tough and practically indestructible. If you often doing outdoor activities or working as a law enforcement officer, this flashlight is much recommended.

First Look

At first glance, Nebo Redline SOS 220 Lumen looks pretty tough and aggressive. It has rear button and rotating bezel to adjust light focus. When the light is on, there is a red ring glowing near the LED, which is helpful in a pitch black location. The exterior is made of aircraft aluminum, which is durable and light at the same time, and the head has hard, rugged shape for self defense purpose.

Specific Features

This LED flashlight has a lot of great useful features:

• Glow in the dark button on the rear part to help you turning on the flashlight quickly, and good for serving tactical function.
• 220 lumens on the highest light output and 22 lumens on the lowest, giving you maximum brightness or shy, non obtrusive light.
• Magnetic base to stick your flashlight on a metal surface if necessary, giving you more freedom in doing any activities.
• Three AAA batteries included.

6. Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro

Streamlight 66118 is a great LED flashlight for daily using at work or home, or whenever you need a quick flash at something without hurriedly running and grabbing a bigger flashlight. It is light and easy to carry, just like if you carry a regular pen. Although small, this Streamlight stylus flashlight provides enough brightness for indoor using, and perfect to keep in your purse or pocket for emergency use.

First Look

Streamlight 66118 definitely looks like a pen, with less than 2 ounces in weight and 5.3 inches long. Its clip is convenient to attach the flashlight on the pocket. The rear push button is convenient, yet quite stiff so you will not accidentally turn on the flashlight if you put it inside the bag or purse. The casing is from aircraft grade aluminum that is rustproof and unbreakable.


Although small, Streamlight 66118 has powerful features that make this LED flashlight outstanding despite of its size:

• 65 lumens of light output, which is strong enough without irritating the eyes.
• Energy source from two AAA batteries (included in the package), enough to provide 6.5 hours of running time.
• ½ watt LED that has 30,000 running hours. The LED is unbreakable since there is no filament or glass.
• Exterior from aircraft graded aluminum, rustproof and unbreakable, with water resistant quality and polycarbonate lens that are scratch proof.
• Strong nylon holster included.

7. Streamlight 88850 (PolyTac)

Streamlight 88850 is a perfect LED flashlight for outdoor activities or any tasks that require hardy tools amidst extreme environment. The rugged and tough appearance is enough to show that quality, complete with other features that make it extremely powerful.


Streamlight 88850 has small and compact size, only 5.22 inches long and weigh 4.1 ounces. It has tail cap push button so you can use it just with one hand. The exterior is made of polymer and has railed grip, perfect for police officers, soldiers, adventurers and they who often work in extreme conditions or rough terrains.


Streamlight 8850 has unique features that make it stands out as a durable flashlight perfect for outdoor using:

• PolyTac LED technology made of C4 Crystals that create extreme brightness, more than most of other flashlights, with consistent illumination level. The LED has 50,000 hours of running time.
• One button operation that is super easy to use. For convenient, always-on position, push the button completely
• 275 lumens of light output capacity, with 3 hours running time.
• Widespread beam that illuminates wide range of area.

8. Streamlight 88031 ProTac

Streamlight 88031 is an LED flashlight that provides optimal brightness despite of its compact shape. With detachable clip and, one hand selection mode adjustment and 260 lumens of light output capacity, it gives bright light perfect for using at various locations and for various tasks. This is a practical flashlight for outdoor using that can also work well for home owners.

First Look

Streamlight 88031 has 2.8 ounces of weight with batteries and 4.7 inches of length, makes it quite lightweight and practical for both indoor and outdoor using. It has railed head cap to prevent the flashlight from rolling away. O Ring Seal makes this LED flashlight waterproof, and one push button at the rear end becomes the center of all functions. The case is made of aircraft graded aluminum, very lightweight and tough at the same time. Removable clip is available for easy carrying, as well as holster.

Special Features

Several features of Streamlight 88031 give this flashlight versatility for both indoor and outdoor using:

• 260 lumens of light output, creating high brightness level despite of its relatively small size.
• Dual intensity modes (high and low), which makes it very easy to alternate between both of them.
• C4 LED for optimum brightness, provide up to  50,000-hour lifetime
• 3 hours running time after continuous using of high light intensity (high mode), powered by lithium batteries.
• up to 126 meters of distance for the high intensity and 35 meters for the low one.

9. MagLite ST3D016 3-D

MagLite ST3D016 will be more than ordinary flashlight. It will be one of the best LED FLASHLIGHT that you can have.. As a flashlight, it has water and shock resistant. It will be a good feature when you have to use the flashlight during the rain or simply trip your step and drop it accidentally.

First Look

Common flashlight will stop functioning when there is water infiltration or you drop it accidentally. The water infiltration is limited by high quality O-rings. The aluminum alloy case will provide you a strong and light flashlight to carry. It is interesting that you can pick the flashlight color. There will be blue, black, gray, silver, and red. To find the flashlight during the dark easier, it will be the best to pick the one with silver color.


•  It is made in the USA
412 m of Beam Distance, 168 lumens and up to 80 h run time
•  Made of high quality materials and packed with weather-resistant seals and combined with  anodized inside/.
•  It is designed not only for beginner, but also for professional
•  The beam focus can be adjusted as you wish, all you have to to is rotate the flashlight’s head.
•  Includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty
•  The longer time use is supported by the 3 D-type batteries.
•  You can expect top flashlight performance from MagLite ST3D016 because the model already use LED bulb. This kind of bulb will last longer than any incandescent bulb.

10. Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 LED Flashlight

Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 is an LED flashlight that continues the tradition of Smith & Wesson as a partner for police officers, soldiers, pilots, aviators, emergency personnel and outdoor explorers. It features two types of LED light, white and red, activated with dual switch to provide the users with specific illumination types in different situations.


Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 has tough and sturdy built, weighs 1 pound and has 6.5 inches of length. The case made of black anodized aluminum that makes it durable, rustproof and light. It has dual switched for switching between white and red LED lights, so users can easily switch between the dual lights even in hurry.


This LED flashlight has special features that can help various outdoor tasks:

• 19 lumens of regular white LED light, enough to illuminate quite wide range of area or help in target focusing.
• 6.5 lumens of red LED for illuminating without disturbing natural vision, perfect for map reading or other tasks inside a running vehicle without disturbing the driver’s eyes. It also does not attract as much attention as the white light.
• 30 hour of battery life for the white light and 80 hour for the red light.
• Waterproof and rustproof qualities.
• Three AAA batteries and holster are included.