Top 10 Best Camping Tents 2019 Review

A camping tent for example is one of the essential gears if you are interested in doing the outdoor activities, this is an essential thing that you need to consider when you want to have a fun camping. For sure, the tent needs to be prepared since that becomes the important gear which will affect on the comfort that you will get there during camping. The family camping is such a good option for you to have fun spending your holiday.

Since nowadays tents become totally popular for the outdoor activities, there are so many choices of tents that you can deal with. In order to choose the right one, you can simply get the information of various kinds of tents. It can be distinguished from several aspects, such like from the styles, the materials, the function, and so on.

The Following are some of the best camping tents on the market.

1. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel Klondike has large size that can fit 8 people into its sleeping room. It has screened area that can be used as sun room or second sleeping area.

If you are thinking about weather protection, this tent uses the best materials of weather repellent polyester that still get polyurethane coating on top. It uses double staked power corner added to its fiberglass frame that gives firmer framing and better stability to the tent.

Mesh roof and two mesh windows protect you from bugs and mosquitos when you spend the night in the wilderness, yet it still brings in some airflow for your comfort. 8 Person

2. Sundome 4 Person Tent

Coleman Sundome 4 tent can handle four people maximum into its 63 square feet space and its weight is just 9.6 pounds..

Some special feature can be found in this tent like Coleman’s WeatherTec system that can help to keeps water and also moisture outside. To make campers stay cool while stay inside the tent, Coleman also includes other great features such as Variflo ventilation and Cool Air port.

Meanwhile in terms of materials, this camping tent is made from polyester fabric which also combined with anti wicking thread, this material will make you stay comfort and dry especially when heavy rain. Another cool feature is an electrical access port. Yes, this tent can be easily set up even by only one person. 4 Person

3. Coleman Red Canyon tent 8 people

Coleman Red Canyon tent is one of those large tents that can fit for 8 people. Although you bring in 8 people, you can still have some privacy as the tent has room dividers that can give you three separate rooms.

If you’re afraid of rain and bad weather, this tent gets WeatherTec System as protection from water and wind. It still gets Variflo and Cool-Air port to maintain airflow inside the tent for your comfort in sleeping inside this tent.

Shock-corded poles gives so much easiness to setup the tent, along with easy to follow manual instruction. 8 Person

4. Coleman Sundome tent

Coleman Sundome tent brings comfort for small group of campers as it only fits for 4 people. However, it still gets the best WeatherTec system from Coleman. This system keeps the inside of the tent dry by preventing water go inside the tent.

It also has Variflo ventilation that can be adjusted according to your preference, along with vented Cool-Air port. Although it’s a one room tent, the vent window is covered for privacy.

Electrical access port is inserted for your comfort in using electrical devices during your camping trip. With easy to assembly system, this tent takes a couple of minute to setup. 4 Person

5. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

Coleman Montana 8 tent has enough sleeping room for 8 people although it only has one room. The fiberglass poles gives better stability to this tent.

It’s a dome tent with modified dome structure for simple setup. It also has electrical access port inside. The best materials are used for this tent, including polyester tafetta on the fly, polyester mesh on the inside of the tent, and polyethylene for the floor.

It protects you from water and drips that can go inside the tent. The windows also get reverse angle to complete this tent’s weather-resistant feature. 8 Person

6. Coleman WeatherMaster Screened Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster Screened 6 tent consists of two separate rooms. This tent provides sleeping room that can fit for 6 people. It still get another space outside.

The floorless screened rooom works as additional room that can be used for storage area or eating area. This area also keeps your free from bugs and other small creatures. Coleman still relies on WeatherTec system as the main protection against rain and bad weather.

It also gets Variflo air ventilation to control airflow inside the tent. With simple setup, it makes a good companion for your trip into the nature. 6 Person

7. Coleman 14×10 Foot Instant Tent

Coleman 14×10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent can provide room for 8 people at the same time. For some privacy, this tent has room divider to separate it into two different rooms.

It has special design to make it easier and faster to setup. The design relies on pre-attached poles that give you only one minute to setup the tent. As protection against weather, Coleman uses WeatherTec system that has thick waterproof walls to keep you dry inside the tent.

It also gives welded floor for total protection against rain. For your convenience, this tent has 2 doors with 7 windows for air flow. 8 Person

8. Wenzel Alpine Dome Tent

Wenzel Alpine 8.5 X 8-Feet Dome Tent fits for small group of family or friends spending time in the wilderness together. This tent only has enough space for three people.

It’s assembled on 3-pole pentadome using shock corded frame made from fiberglass. It simplifies the entire assembly process. To maintain cleanliness inside the tent, it gets integrated mud mat that’s connected to drainage strip.

For ventilation, this tent get 2 mesh windows with screen to keep bugs from flying inside the tent. The D-style front door also gives large space for airflow. 3 Person

9. Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

Coleman Instant tent brings super easy assembly for this tent. The frame uses pre-attached poles that can extend and lock right away. This way, you can complete the assembly in less than one minute.

Even if it’s your first time setting up a tent, you won’t find any trouble to do it on your own. WeatherTec system complete the weather protection in this tent.

The tent only fits for 4 people with only one room, yet it still gives enough space for comfort. Infact, you can bring in queen airbed for sleeping comfortly. It will be a nice shelter on your camping trip. 4 Person

10. Coleman Signature Prairie Breeze tent

Coleman Signature Prairie Breeze 9 tent makes another spacious tent that has complete feature for your comfort living in the wilderness. The sleeping area can fit for 9 people.

It still gives total protection against the weather. The fly seams are sealed and welded for complete protection from weather. It has 6 windows to better airflow, yet it still has LED lighted fan system to bring in some breeze inside.

It also has mesh screening as protection against bugs and insects. Storm straps covered all windows to protect the interior against rain and strong wind.

Camping Tents Buying Tips

There are lots of different camping tents out there, but how do you know which one will be best for you? Choosing the appropriate tent requires that you determine so much more than the number of people inhabiting it. When seeking a tent, it’s important to choose an option that will suit your needs for transport, assembly and shelter. While camping tents have numerous features, there are a few basic factors to consider to help you narrow down your options.

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a camping tent is how you will reach your destination. Will you be taking a small car, a truck, or a motorcycle? Will you be walking a distance to your campsite? Will you be transporting many other supplies or are you packing light? These are all important things to consider since the size and weight of your tent will factor into your mode of transportation. Make sure you check for the dimensions and weight details of your tent when it is packed away.

In addition to how you will get there, think about where you are going. Are you visiting your campsite in the summer and will there be possibility for thundershowers? Is your campsite located below a canopy of foliage, or will you be in direct sunlight? Is your location windy? Is there a significant drop in temperature at night? Will you be relying on the same camping tent for multiple locations, or using it during different seasons? These are all important questions to ask as they will factor into the need for certain tent attributes, such as the degree of waterproofing, the type of material, the closures, the temperature range and other features like insect netting and supports.

Camping Tent – Easy Assembly

It is also important to consider what will be involved in the assembly of your camping tent. Usually, the more elaborate the shelter, the more complex the assembly. When you purchase your tent, it’s advisable to do a practice assembly so you can take your time and get a real sense of what’s actually involved. You don’t want to be stuck reading assembly instructions and rushing to assemble your shelter while it’s raining, while the evening insects are massing, or in the dark the night.

If you need to get your tent assembled quickly for any reason, you will have greater success if you are familiar with the process. Understanding the steps of assembly can mean the difference between a pleasant night outdoors and a stressful struggle with any number of pieces and parts. The sooner you get your camping tent setup, the sooner you can relax and enjoy other activities. The most important thing is that you spend more time with family and friends and less time setting up your camping tent.

The Styles


Based on the styles, there are some types of tents that you need to know. They are the hoop, dome, and cabin.

  • Hoop Tent

The hoop tent is the tent which commonly has some character of lightweight, small size, and usually it is suitable for one person only. That is commonly chosen by a backpacker.

  • Dome Tent

This kind of tent has the shape of dome. Sure, it is as like its name. This size helps the people to deal with the high and encounter wind.

  • Cabin Tent

It is the common style of the tent which you often use. It has the shape which is much more vertical which might give you the comfort, such like for a family camping.


As we have said before, the best tents for 2014 / 2015 are available in various types. That is including about the various types of fabrics which are used to make the tent. There are two common fabrics which are often used for tents. The fabrics are:

  • Polyester

The polyester material will be much more comfortable especially if you plan to spend some days for camping. Even though this kind of fabric is not as durable as nylon, it has the great benefits since it is much more resistant of the UV degradation.

  • Nylon

Nylon has the great character. It can be folded in small size which enables the users to bring it easily in their backpack. It also has the lightweight character. The nylon tent is also durable and water resistant. Another benefit of this kind of tent is that it is totally durable.

Family Camping Tent

Another kind of tent is what is commonly used as a family tent. Having a fun family camping means we need to prepare for the right type of tent. The family tent can be a good idea for you if you are still confused choosing the type of tent for your family camping.

It is actually a great size of tent which is suitable to be used for a family camping. It is commonly suitable to be used for some people or about five people. This kind of tent is not only large enough but also high enough so that the people inside can move freely and comfortably.

If you can find the great size one according to your need, it might enable you to standup inside the tent. Still, this kind of tent is actually not a good companion for a backpacker since it is totally heavy.

Other Types of Tent

  • 4-Season Tent

One of the favorite choices of tent for outdoor lovers is the 4-season tent since it is suitable for almost all kinds of weather. Thus, it is suitable if you are in love with camping. Still, it commonly has the thicker fabric which might be the factor of comfort for any weather. However, it is still possible to be brought and packed in your backpack. No matter where and when you are going to have a fun camping, this kind of tent will be a good idea since it has a good protection for you.

  • 3-Season Tent

This kind of tent is commonly has a lightweight character, which is about five until ten pounds which are still suitable to be carried in your backpack. It is also commonly provided with the rain fly which is detachable. It’s great for various mild weathers including for the mild rain or even snow. The mesh windows are also often there on the side of the tent to get the fresh air inside.

  • 2-Season Tent

Have you ever heard about summer tent? Sure, it is the same as the 2-season tent and used for the area which has the warmer temperature. The shape is commonly the same or it is often use the two pole design. It is designed for giving the comfort when we are sleeping at night so that the breathable area inside the tent becomes the basic character of this kind of tent. Of course, since commonly it’s totally thin and lightweight it would not be suitable for the cold and damp area as like the mountain area.

Planning for a family camping means you need to deal with the right choice of the tent. It is good for you to deal with some factors, such like the location, the weather of the area, the people who will be joined in, and so on. If you want to find the best camping tents on the market at this hour, find out here and you can find some of them. And since there are so many types of tent that you might find, it is good idea to choose based on what you need.