Tips for Buying a Professional Photo Printer

The idea to create your own photo lab at home sounds very tempting. For this you need to purchase a professional photo printer. In the issue you will have no need to go to the nearest photo shop to develop professional photos. This article contains pieces of advice that can be helpful by purchasing a professional photo printer.

· Calculate the cost of ink

If you are going to print a great number of photos, in this case you will need to replace the ink monthly. It is recommended to inquire about the number of copies you will get on one ink tank. It is desirable to give preference to such photo printers that have separate ink tanks for each color. In the issue you will need to replace a separate ink tank whose color has run out instead replacing all colors at once.

· Consider your budget

The number of options and features of a professional photo printer depends on its cost. If you are going to spend approximately $500 on a photo printer, you should know that you will be able to get a lower end model. This fact means that you will be not able to print out posters or photos of large sizes. The same thing concerns the image resolution of an inexpensive photo printer. It will slightly exceed the image resolution of an ink-jet photo printer.

· Consider the size of paper

You will also need to consider the paper size you will need for the printing out. If you are going to print poster or tabloid size photos, look for a printer that includes such capacity.

· Determine the necessity of a network connection by a professional photo printer.

The presence of a network connection allows several persons using the same photo printer. Give preference to such a photo printer that includes an automated installation. In the issue you will spend much time by setting up the network connection.

· Consider the speed of printing

Make certain to buy a photo printer that has the necessary speed for you. There are a number of high quality photo printers out there that offers fast printing speed.

· Consider the quality

When deciding about a brand of a professional photo printer, carry out some research online to learn the quality rating as well as the honest review of a specific photo printer. It is also a good option to learn if there are problems with certain professional photo printers.

· Decide whether you need a portable photo printer or a floor one.

The floor photo printer is distinguished by higher output speeds and the ability to print out large size photos. The advantages of a portable photo printer are the following: first you can take a portable photo printer with you anywhere you go. And secondly you can bring a portable model for repairs more easily.