Have You Gone Wireless ??

Do you have a wireless printer or have you still got a corded one? The difference between them could be bigger than you think.

When you have a corded version you are limited by how long that cable is. Every office space has a limited number of places to put it, and if you don’t have a properly designed computer desk with space for everything all in the one unit, it can be tricky trying to figure out where everything will go.

When you get a wi-fi printer you will certainly appreciate the freedom you’ve got. You can put it wherever you like in the office and it will still work. What could be better and more versatile than that?

But you will really see the difference when you have a laptop. Let’s say you have a home office upstairs in a spare bedroom and you want to sit downstairs with your laptop and work for a while. You have a home network so you can do this and still access the internet.

Now if you had a regular printer you wouldn’t be able to print off any documents while you were down there. You’d have to come back up, connect the two pieces of equipment together and then print off what you need.

Doesn’t sound too convenient does it?

But that doesn’t matter if you have a wi-fi all in one printer as well. You can stay downstairs and tell your computer to print something off and it will print upstairs without the aid of any wires at all. It all works off your wi-fi connection, so provided you have a signal you have everything you need.

The one thing you need to remember if you are going to buy this type of printer and use it is to load it up with paper before you head downstairs or out into the garden to use your computer. There is nothing worse than realising you didn’t and having to print everything again!

You can see that having a wireless printer does have its advantages. And since you can put the printer wherever you want to, it can help if you are stuck on space and improvising your home office rather than setting it up how you want. For those who have a corner of a room to use and some shelf space, having a printer like this to use can be a real boon.