Best Wireless Headphones 2018 Review

Its hard to deny that we adore music even if we may not all be good singers ourselves. When we want our music appreciation to be more private we make use of headphones. Well, you can find certain songs some folks do not want to hear, so getting your own headphones is an excellent way to respect their wishes.

Best Wireless Headphones 2018 Review

1. Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones Review

Do you enjoy listening to music that pumps you up and experiencing it fully? If the answer is yes and you frequently find yourself in an environment where people dont appreciate being disturbed by the noise your headphones produce, there are ways you can get around that. As long as youre using quality wireless headphones, youll be able to experience your music fully and do so without disturbing anyone. Chances are a friend recommended you try out the Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones and youre thinking about whether its worth the investment.

The first thing which is quite obvious is that you wont need cables to run the RS120 as it produces sound without. This is made possible by utilizing radio frequency technology and a transmitted is included inside the box. This transmitter also allows you to recharge everything and youd be glad to know that the radius is a bit short of 328 feet (72 meters). Additionally, the sound can be transmitted through both windows and brick walls and all you need to make this work are 2 small rechargeable batteries.

Boost Your Entertainment Experience (Music, Movies, Games)

Very few things will make you feel better in everyday life than working on something you love and then coming home to relax and watch your favorite movie/listen to music late at night. Even if you have roommates who don’t mind you getting loud, these headphones are so quiet they wont even notice youre enjoying yourself.

Theres also quite the variety of practical features. The main reason you get these headphones shouldnt be because of some specs, but because of the freedom they offer: You can basically roam around the house without ever worrying about cords or loss of quality the signal remains stable. The range includes brick walls as well.

It wont take long for you to get used to these as theyre very simple in design. Inside the box youll find a transmitted (which you can mount on any wall) and this piece serves as the charger too. Its a straight-forward minute long setup.

How Does It Work?

Some of the latest technology is utilized to make these headphones pleasurable, even with everyday usage. To begin with, they have comfortable ear cups and the pads are replaceable. All the controls you need are located at the top and they weight roughly 8 ounces. Standard adapters are included and it takes less than a minute to set everything up.

You’re probably curious about whether this type of wireless tech is safe and how it actually works. Its definitely an attractive feature as it basically utilizes radio frequencies technology to transmit the different sound waves wirelessly. To top that off, you can manually tune the different frequencies and channels. It functions in such a frequency that even if there are other devices using the same technology, you wont experience interferences.

Radio frequency technology is considered the most reliable for sound transmission so far and its a lot better compared to infrared. Although it doesnt have channel hopping the way bluetooth does, its far more affordable and youll hardly notice a difference.

Depending on how you intend to use the Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones, youll want to know about the maximum transmission rage. The radius is at 328 ft. (100 meters) thus youll be able to listen to music, radio, streaming or watch television anywhere in the house/office assuming you dont live in Buckingham Palace. The brick walls, windows and ceilings dont affect this at all.

Keep in mind that in order for these headphones to work they need a transmitter. The one that comes with the RS120 is a very elegant design that can easily fit in the decor of your room. Its best to position it somewhere central if you intend to move around a lot and because it serves as a charger the charging on it is amazing: All you do is place the headphones on top and they start charging. It works using a power cable that comes with the package.

What Is The Sound Quality Like?

The reason why these headphones are highly regarded when it comes to sound quality is due to the powerful technology theyre packed with. The quality is excellent and youll notice how evenly represented and big the sound is. They provide extreme clarity in the mid range, the low range bass sounds are great and its quite the experience overall. You wont want more unless youre working in a professional studio.

You can pretty much pair your headphones with just about every device out there: 1/8 or 1/4 inch outputs as well as RCA outputs. This includes everything from smartphones, music players, home theatre systems, TV sets, Blu-Ray/DVD players, laptops, desktop computers, etc.


The only thing worth noting is that you wont be able to charge if youve extended the earcups. Also there are better choices if you exclusively plan on using them for outdoor/gym workouts.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing wireless headphones that will ultimately provide a high quality crisp sound and extend your entertainment options at home, the Sennheiser RS120 is very hard to beat. Theyre as comfortable as you think they are, work amazing and you’ll never hear complaints from people around you definitely recommended.

2. 66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth Sports Headphone Review

The upside to living in a high tech world is that the amount of options we have to include entertainment in our daily lives is abundant. Running and fitness aren’t an exception to that rule. If youre a runner, youre probably aware of just how helpful the right music can be in assisting you as far as getting your motivation up and across the goal line.

If we look back to only a few years ago, we did have wireless headphones at our disposal but they were usually super expensive and the sound quality was subpar. However, things have changed and headphones that offer impeccable comfort and sound quality are becoming the norm. If youre considering purchasing wireless headphones that will enhance your overall fitness experience and ones you can pair up with your phone youre in the right place.

Taking in consideration how standards have gone up, so did our expectations for most quality accessories out there. The usual features we expect from quality headphones are a light weight (so we can focus on doing the exercises and not untangling cables every 5 minutes), modern look that goes hand in hand with our gym clothes, great sound quality/bass, bluetooth connectivity and most importantly an affordable price tag.

Something of this kind could easily cost up to a few hundred dollars and certainly wasnt a viable option for most. However, with the introduction of the 66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth Sports Headphone, running basically becomes fun. At the price tag its selling, most would only expect a single feature or two but this is the real deal. These headphones combine light weight, sleek design, smooth fulfilling sound and affordability. The 66 Audio BTS+ is easily a great gift that would serve any fitness conscious individual.

Practical Day-To-Day Usage

The first thing youd want to know if youve already established a running routine is how long you can wear these before they become tiring. The good news is that these headphones are so lightweight, youll barely feel them on you and this is a major advantage if you exercise outdoors.

This headset basically adds a layer of comfort to an otherwise exhausting workout experience and the design makes it ideal for athletes, runners, cyclists and weight lifters. Combine that with a first rate stereo sound and youve got a winner. Its a great choice for people who appreciate the freedom of moving around without the discomfort of regular headphones while listening to their favorite music.

In addition, its very easy to operate and youll notice there are a few multifunction buttons to the side allowing you to adjust the volume and even receive phone calls as youre switching between tracks. The design is foldable so it only takes a few seconds to put it away. Its also extremely easy to connect it to your smartphone or any bluetooth device out there.

Lengthy Battery Life

The 66 Audio BTS+ offers 20 continuous hours on every charge and if you leave it fully charged youll get 400 hours of standby. If you exercise for an hour daily this means that a single charge will last you up to 2 weeks. It also utilizes noise cancellation technology which is ideal if youre exercising outdoors and need that laser focus.

What Are Runners Saying?

The overwhelming majority of feedback is positive and this is no surprise seeing all the features it offers. This is about as sleek as a bluetooth headset can get to the point where it’s almost a fashion accessory. Keep in mind that it’s not exclusively made for fitness because you can make phone calls or use it in the car. The price tag is certainly not that high compared to other bluetooth equipment designed for the same purpose.

Conclusion – Is It For You?

If you’re the type to hit the treadmill or enjoy running/walking outdoors as part of your daily routine, this is one of the best accessories to enhance the experience. Its also a great gift for anyone who likes to add a bit of comfort/motivation to their workout routine. If youre tired of having to keep your ear buds in order and you dont enjoy untangling cables every day but simply want to wake up, put on some music and do your exercise the 66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth Sports Headphone is for you.

The bottom line is that we recommend it for active music lovers due to the amazing sound quality it delivers, the usability, and the fact that it can easily be paired with most devices out there.

3. LG Electronics TONE INFINIM Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

LG was never a household name in terms of headphone production but their latest line of bluetooth headsets is gaining in popularity for a reason. Theyve actually released headsets in the past but their newest premium line called Tone Infinim is by far their best performer. So whats all the noise about and does it actually live up to the hype?

To begin with, Harman Kardon audio tuning means theyve gotten serious about their audio brand recognition and the LG Electronics TONE INFINIM make a great pair of headphones overall. One of its main selling points is the fact that it includes G3 features and you can match it with multiple devices. If you get lucky you might be able to save some money on your purchase.

LG recently upgraded their retractable wire management features and there are literally no wires to untangle anymore. The headset is extremely comfortable to wear, even when youre running sprints and want to enhance the experience with a bit of music. There are alert functions you can basically set to vibrate whenever you get a new message, the battery life, etc. Considering youll be getting well over 500 hours with a single charge, this is basically the longest standby time on a headset ever.

Retractable Buds

Each side of the headset is retractable individually hence if youd like to use only one at a particular time, you can do this easily. This makes it ideal for taking phone calls in the car or situations in which you need a single ear available to ensure safety.

Comfortable Movement?

Youll likely want to know how comfortable they are, especially in movement. The good news is that these buds are very stable and even when youre running fast theyre going to stay in place.

Not only will you be freed from the burden of dealing with cables, but theyll stay in place and you wont feel any weight pressure on your head. In fact, youll hardly notice them while the sound quality remains crisp. If you only listen to music, youll get 14 hours thus doing an hours worth of jogging daily will last you 2 weeks on a single charge. For mere talk time you can add a few hours to that.

Simple To Use

In terms of the actual hardware control, if we could describe it in one word itd be sleek. All you have is a single on/off key and volume sliders/playback control the basics.

In addition, there are a few equalizer preset settings built in such as a bass boost and treble boost although the bass boost is the one which really makes a difference. Youd also be glad to know that the presets you have on your music player work on this headset too.

Similar to previous LG bluetooth headsets, this one can connect 2 different phones using its multipoint feature although your 2nd phone will remain as secondary. You can expect the call quality to be better than a regular phone speaker and its pretty loud as well.

Music Quality And Loudness

Most people dont associate portable headsets with great sound quality (well, decent at best) but the Tone Infinim will likely change your perception on that. The highs are extremely clear, the bass line is thick and can also be boosted. The response could be altered and this will depend on the earbud that youre using. Its actually very loud so if you want to cancel out sounds coming from the environment youll benefit from this, especially when exercising outdoors.

What Are People Saying?

Most feedback is positive and users frequently point out to how easy it is to use as well as how neatly packed these features are. Theres a great futuristic voice alert that will notify you of new messages and your battery status.

Additionally, most people enjoy the fact that these ear buds are retractable so it adds to the convenience. The build quality feels unusually sturdy for plastic and youll find the controls are easy to work with because everything is spot on.


At first we wanted to know what the hype is about and whether the actual sound quality justified its price tag. The simple answer is yes. To give you a comparison point, if you were to purchase wired headphones, considering the sound quality youd easily spend around a hundred dollars. The LG Electronics TONE INFINIM is fairly priced for what it is a very flexible, functional and quality set of ear buds most active music lovers can benefit from.

Wireless Headphones Buying Tips

For numerous years, folks have been having troubles with the cables on their headphones because most of them said that its inconvenient to have something hanging around your neck. This is one of several reasons why wireless headphones have been introduced in the marketplace. How can you locate the best wireless headphones if you dont know anything about it?

You must always look at the basics and check the quality of the headphones before acquiring. You can always consider the price, but make sure that it will be the last thing that you will consider. Quality is always your top priority.

You must remember that spending lots of time using headphones may actually harm your hearing, but if you use high quality headphones, the chances of having one is lower. It means that if you are going to use headphones, its better to buy from reputable manufacturers. It is also essential to know that you get what you pay for so if you bought a cheap wireless headphone, you should not expect a lot from it.

With all the capabilities that you can find in a headphone, sound isolation is definitely the most essential thing that you have to know. This type of function will keep the music in the headphones and it will also stop disturbance from ruining it. It means that this type of function allows you to enjoy music without the interference of outside disturbance.

If your wireless headphone has great sound isolation function, you wont hear the sound of the trucks and cars on the streets even if the volume of your music is low. This will also lower the chances of developing any type of diseases related to your ears and hearing.

If you are not planning to spend plenty of money for headphones, try not to consider designs with noise-cancelling capabilities.

Wireless headphones became really costly due to the features that will not really benefit you in any way. It only means that you have to look for the capabilities that will benefit you before you purchase it.

The price of headphones will increase when fresh capabilities are added so if these capabilities will not really benefit you in any way, it is better to search for a least costly alternative.

Take note all of the characteristics that you want for your headphones and use it as a guide before you buy.

Wireless headphones could be a great choice if you wished to listen to music without the troubles of fixing the wires. These simple recommendations can actually help you in choosing the best brands on the market so make sure to follow this.