Top 10 Best Streaming Players 2018

A streaming media player is a device that can help your TV or home theater connect to the internet and free or paid online service so that you can easily watching videos or listening to the music. Basically, a streaming player is a basic device and it only need a number of connections like video (HDMI and/or composite), audio (RCA and/or digital), and Ethernet networking jacks.

Today, most streaming media players have been equipped with wireless connectivity and these players also have own dedicated remote control. The following are some of products to consider if you have plan to buy a streaming player.

Top 10 Best Streaming Media Players 2018

1. Roku 4 4400R 4K UHD

Roku 4 allow you to stream at higher resolutions because it is equipped with advanced processing system for smooth display.

Also it comes equipped with new features like remote finder and it can adjust itself to your TV to deliver the best picture quality also Advanced upscaling will ensure that the maximum resolution of your TV will fully optimized so no matter if you are using HD TV or a 4K Ultra HD TV, you can watch the best pictures possible.

Other features include Search across top channels using remote or Roku mobile app, remote with Headphone jack as well as voice search.

2. Roku Express

If you are looking for an affordable way to enjoy high-quality streaming content on your home, the Roku Express can help you.

Using this device, you will be spared from monthly equipment rental fees and with unbiased search feature, it's become easier to find which entertainment is free and you can also view results which is ranked by price.

Stream anything is now possible, from movies, TV shows, live sports, tc and there are more than 450,000+ available for you. The Roku mobile app is also available for free.

3. Roku 1 Streaming Media Player

This Roku streaming player also offers many excellent features and you can get access to 2.000 streaming channels at up to 1080p HD, there are a wide variety of entertainment including movies, TV shows and so forth.

Installation can be done faster and easier in about one minute using wireless network. It also features special buttons for channel shortcut and you can jump from one channel to another with one push of the remote, also One-Stop search, it is an innovative search feature to find movies or shows from popular online channels like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and etc.

4. Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon also has their own media streaming product, the Fire TV stick that has been equipped with Alexa Voice Remote.

With this product, you can access an instant entertainment from your TV to stream movies, listening to the music, and much more, also you'll be able to enjoy at least 7000 applications, games as well as Alexa skills. If you want to find content through this device, the Alexa Voice Remote can help you too.. just use your voice to find, launch or even control its content.

This remote also can answer to your questions, read the news, check the scores of sports, search nearest restaurant on a local area and more.

5. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a Amazon flagship product and it has more than 27.000 reviews in its official pages at Amazon.

There are many reasons why you should have this product like it supports 4K Ultra HD so you can enjoy true-to-life picture quality, you can also stream 1080 HD entertainments in Amazon Video, YouTube, Hulu, NetFlix, etc.

There are more than 300,000 there are over 300,000 TV episodes and movies ready to be watched and also includes Alexa Voice Remote. Amazon also offers premium membership to unlock over 100 premium and specialty channels.

6. NETGEAR NeoTV Streaming Player

This streaming device only works with HDTV Antennas and can not be used with cable or satellite TV. It allows you to records at least 4 TV shows at once, or HD programming of up to 150 hours.

You can easily get your favorite entertainment with this device, using OneSearch feature, it is easier to search TV and streaming services at the same time, meanwhile OnePass feature will help you to customize and organize viewing preferences. There are SkipMode or QuickMode options which you can choose according to your needs.

It also comes with DVR plus streaming media that allow you Pause or rewind any live programming, you'll be able to record up to 4 High Definition shows at once and access various popular streaming services including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Spotify and so forth.

7. Rveal Streaming Media Player

The Rveal player is an excellent streaming devices and have access to a lot of channels, movies, TV shows, games, sports and so forth. You can also surfing the web, download a free application for Android from Playstore and more, Rveal also continues to provide automatic updates to this product with the newest features and enhancements,

It only needs a few minutes for installation and you can begin streaming any digital contents from it. Simply plug it in then connect this player to the Internet and you are ready to go. Anyone can do it easily.

With this player, you can get everything including premium contents and live broadcasts from many different places or countries in the world with different languages.


NVIDIA SHIELD TV is a very good Streaming player that offers the fastest, smoothest 4K HDR video and entertainment with almost no limit.

Everything you want to enjoy, like watch movies or TV shows, music, and play thousands of PC-quality games can be done easier using this unit. Also it features revolutionary search technology from Google to find contents using your voice, NVIDIA GameStream, etc.

Explore thousands of popular applications including Showtime, Pandora and Spotify music service, Sling TV for Watching Live TV programming, PlayStation Vue, Kodi, and more.

9. Roku Premiere+

Powered by a quad-core processor and paired with 802.11ac dual-band wireless technology, the Roku Premiere+ will deliver the best pictures quality and you can experience smooth streaming.

A wide range applications like Netflix, Hulu and PBS KIDS as well for stream your favorite movies, musics or other digital contents are available for you. Roku app can also be installed on your Android or iOS device (iphone & ipad) to send photos, music or video to your TV.

In terms of connectivity, this product has wireless connection and Ethernet 10/100 Port.

10. Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

Another great streaming media players is Roku 3 where it is the fastest, reliable and most powerful Roku product. With over 2000 channels and 250k digital contents including games, musics and sport, this product will be one of the best you can choose to accompany your daily activities.

It works will all TV with HDMI and you can plug it directly to your TV or receiver, depending on your needs. The installation is easy but require a broadband internet connection, HDMI cable, wifi router and of course an HDTV. If you already have all these requirements, simply plug in this player and you can find its manual for updating and installing channels.

There are some ports also included in the device like Ethernet, USB, and microSD card so it will be more flexible for you.

Streaming Media Player buying tips

The media streaming players also comes with various great features like the ability of view images or photos which is stored on media storages like flash disks, external hard drives (USB) or anything on local network. These devices let you to play musics that stored on similar mediums, other streaming devices also allow you to enjoy the videos that you already downloaded to PCs on your home network and other additional apps including YouTube or Twitter are also packed into these devices.

Some manufactures like Apple, Roku, Western Digital, Sony, Netgear as well as D-Link has their own media players and if you visit online stores like Amazon, bestbuy, etc, you can see that these media players are offered in very affordable price, usually not more than $100.

Popular Streaming Media Player Choices

There are many good media players on the market but there are three of the most popular media players, they are Amazon Fire TV, Roku Player and Apple TV. The Amazon Fire TV (stick) and Roku player offers a variety of excellent features and allow you to watch favorite movies and TV shows from popular online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Vudu, and much more. These media players are also easy to setup, easy to use and configure and offers additional services.

Apple’s streaming media player also offers features like Amazon Fire TV and Roku Player but the owner of this device are also able to stream directly from the iTunes store. Apple TV uses their own technology called AirPlay that can make you easily stream video or audio content from iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad) to your TV.

What You Need to Use a Streaming Media Player

If you want to use streaming media players, the first thing you will need is an HDTV (Some media players support a resolution of up to 1080p video), Fast internet connection as well as a  home network (wired or wireless). Once you have these deviceand they are ready to use, you will also need to subscribe to online streaming provider like Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, or Netflix, you can subscribe to these three services to get different content.

One thing to consider is, this would be a substantial investment for you so if you have other entertainment devices such as your TV, game console, or Blu-ray player, make sure these entertainment devices do not offer the same features with the streaming media player is all about.