How to post/embed GIFs in Facebook Wall via

GIFs are sheer fun and it’s always a great experience to share a GIF that implies what we think with our friends or even enemies but Facebook doesn’t allow us to experience this happiness. While even the new Google Plus allows it, Facebook doesn’t allow animated GIFs without any reason and for a long time, there are multiple attempts that tried to embed a true animated GIF in Facebook Wall but most of them aren’t effective instead FB users would go with YouTube clip.

But now here is an easy, simple and yet effective way to share/post/embed GIFs that are animated in the Facebook Wall.

Here are the steps on How to post/embed GIFs in Facebook Wall via

1. Open and Search for your desired GIF.

2. Click on your desired GIF from the Search results.

3. Either Copy the Share Link or Click on the Facebook button to share the GIF on your Facebook Wall.

4. If ‘Facebook’ button is clicked, automatically a new Facebook Share Window pops up prompting to post the GIF in the Facebook Wall, thus successfully Posted an animated GIF on the Facebook wall.

5. If Share code is copied, Open your Facebook profile and Click ‘Post’ for a new post and Paste the copied Giphy GIF link.

6. Once the copied code is pasted or the Facebook share pop-up is okayed, The animated GIF gets embedded in the Facebook Wall, thus we’ve successfully posted/embedded an animated GIF in Facebook Wall via

7. Just You or your friends have to click the play button (similar way the YouTube videos are played) to see what’s in the GIF that you posted.

This is how to post/embed GIFs in Facebook Wall via Quite easy isn’t it?

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