Facebook tests Saved Replies for Brand Fan Pages

With Facebook and Twitter taking the responsibility of bridging the gap between consumers and brands, getting in touch with a brand directly was never easier than today for any common internet user.

While bigger brands have adopted helpdesk solutions like Zendesk and Freshdesk that help brands serve their customers through their social media channels, SMBs and Startups are left with very few cheap options and one of those is Facebook Page Manager (Web/Mobile). And to help these SMBs and Startups, Facebook seems to be testing a new feature called ‘Saved Replies’ which allows page admins to save generic replies and can be triggered with just a few clicks.

The greatest thing about this new ‘Saved Replies’ is that it’s personalized. Much like your email campaign that addresses the person with their first name or their last name, Saved replies can have those auto-populating placeholders while you create a new message and save it in your vault.

Below are some screenshots of the new feature and if this test makes it through for everyone, it’s going to be a great addition for anyone who handles customer service through Facebook. While Facebook usually disappoints businesses with their algorithmic changes, this time it seems to be doing something good for brands that marketers would love. And btw Hey Twitter, your turn now!

This Facebook feature will certainly make it easier for anyone to access all pages on Facebook, especially if you are a businessman who runs a home business using a shipping label printer and makes it easier for you to print labels for shipping goods to your customers from Facebook. You only need to easily reply to the customer for the delivery details of the items they want or buy, especially if they have a Facebook Fan Pages Brand.

So have you seen this feature appear on your Facebook account?? If so, you can start using it to increase business and even sell your products on Facebook.