Is Google becoming the real-world Skynet?

Every time Google does something innovative, there is a question that pops up in my mind and drives me crazy, i.e., Is Google becoming the real-world Skynet?

For those who don’t know what’s Skynet,

“Skynet is a fictional, self-aware centralized artificial intelligence system which is the antagonist in the Terminator franchise“.

So what Google has to do with Skynet? Here you go: Though Skynet was built for making human lives easier, things went different and Skynet ordered for the destruction of humanity. Similarly Google is building numerous things which Geeks all over the world praise that – they’re innovative, incredible and such blah blah blahs – to enhance human lives.

Yes, It’s true. Google actually improves every single human’s life easier in the planet (even outside the planet) but things won’t stop here.

Google, once a web search engine, turned to be a web search company, then an Internet company and now an Internet pioneer with Gmail, Gtalk, Maps, Youtube and a lot of such internet products but it’s not finished, Google is also World’s leading mobile OS maker with its Android, Budding Desktop OS creator with Chromebooks (Chrome OS) and a gadget creator with Google Glass. And these are just about commercial products and the non-commercial products (at least as of now) like Self-driving Google cars, Balloon-powered Internet are posing Google as an innovator of future.

Uff! Google is every where from our Home to Office – even in streets with Streetview Cars – underground with Google Fiber – from Smartphones to Computers – They’re everywhere, literally Google is everywhere where Humans have inhabited and this is more than enough for Google to become the real-world Skynet but again they didn’t stop there.

After conquering our Internet and Gadgets, Google has now landed in Robotics and that too with a man named Andy Rubin who recently said, “I have a history of making my hobbies into a career – the man who created Android and paved way for Google to be part of our offline life via smart Gadgets. As a first step of it, Google acquired seven Robotics companies and the recent-eighth one is Boston Dynamics, the DARPA funded Robotics firm that’s known for its powerful robots that can be very helpful in war time and this strongly suggests me that Google is becoming or building its real-world Skynet. Right now, Google doesn’t want to deploy Robots for domestic use rather they are concentrating in Manufacturing side but that day might not be far away – the day when Google Robots are patrolling our streets, when Google Robots are cooking food for us at our home and the day when Google Robots are singing lullaby for sleeping babies – because Google already did that with Android – the cute Green Robot.

Google’s this unstoppable hunger to be there in every nook and corner of the world makes it perfectly qualified Skynet who ultimately wants to rule the whole world one day. It wouldn’t take a minute for a group of men like Die Hard 4 to breach into Google’s headquarters and start taking control of everyone of us or it might be Page and Brin themselves start doing it.

While there are talks about NSA snooping this and that, by taking control of Google today, apparently one has control of almost every individual in the world and if it’s NSA – with trained men – taking control of Google Robots on streets and our homes wouldn’t be a tough thing. If a sharp knife is good enough to threaten a man to unlock his computer, US Military or Google’s top management can easily threaten their employees to do this.

And with every Google technology, we are not just using it but we are almost getting addicted to it – let it be Google Search or Google Mail – our life cannot move further without these Google products and this will happen with Google Robots too and that day it’s a lot simpler to make us slaves of those machines rather than mastering them.

Evidently Google is now the single-windowed key to control this whole world and either Google itself or someone like NSA is going to take advantage of it. If you are still believing the age-old Google Slogan, ‘Do no evil‘ – forget it, Even Google doesn’t acknowledge it now. Google is all about evils – from pushing us to use the why-on-earth Google Plus for every single act in the Internet to recent removal of Cyanogenmod Installer from play store. Google is no longer (or never been) a company to trust but we don’t have any choice but to depend on them for our daily activities.

Meanwhile Google is becoming the real-world Skynet, we need to find John Connor soon to save us from future Skynet or at least we should turn ourselves into Agent Spooner to believe that Robots are always not our friends – at least Google is not.