Ignoring Windows Phone, Instagram also ignores BB10 Ecosystem

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An app which was bought by Facebook last year for $1 billion is not yet available for Windows Phone users and the nightmare is gonna chase Blackberry 10 users too. Its Instagram – the online photo-sharing app with in-built filters for iOS and Android only.

Blackberry 10, the much-hyped latest OS from Blackberry (whose name was RIM before the launch) was launched last month and Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins wants to make the latest BB10, the No.3 Mobile platform in the world – following iOS and Android – so the plan is to kick out Windows Phone OS from the list. But both BB10 and WP has to share a common sadness, “No native Instagram app”!


This “No to BB10″ information came out unofficially from close sources to Instagram, reports AllThingsD. According to AllThingsD, Their sources said, “There will be no [native] Instagram for BB10 for now” but it doesn’t mean that there wont be a native app forever, confirms AllThingsD.

Its a bit (may be even a Kilobyte) disappointing for users who are planning to switch to the new BB10 OS. But just Instagram shouldn’t stop you from upgrading yourself to BB10 as There are reports that Devs are already working on porting the Android version of Instagram to BB10 which has an Android Emulator to run the modified Android Apps. Thought it can’t be as good as a native app, it could be a temporary healing for your wound with BB10.