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Ignoring Windows Phone, Instagram also ignores BB10 Ecosystem


An app which was bought by Facebook last year for $1 billion is not yet available for Windows Phone users and the nightmare is gonna chase Blackberry 10 users too. Its Instagram – the online photo-sharing app with in-built filters for iOS and Android only.

Blackberry 10, the much-hyped latest OS from Blackberry (whose name was RIM before the launch) was launched last month and Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins wants to make the latest BB10, the No.3 Mobile platform in the world – following iOS and Android – so the plan is to kick out Windows Phone OS from the list. But both BB10 and WP has to share a common sadness, “No native Instagram app”!


This “No to BB10″ information came out unofficially from close sources to Instagram, reports AllThingsD. According to AllThingsD, Their sources said, “There will be no [native] Instagram for BB10 for now” but it doesn’t mean that there wont be a native app forever, confirms AllThingsD.

Its a bit (may be even a Kilobyte) disappointing for users who are planning to switch to the new BB10 OS. But just Instagram shouldn’t stop you from upgrading yourself to BB10 as There are reports that Devs are already working on porting the Android version of Instagram to BB10 which has an Android Emulator to run the modified Android Apps. Thought it can’t be as good as a native app, it could be a temporary healing for your wound with BB10.



Why is Micromax A116 Canvas HD – the 5-inch Phablet so famous in India?

Image Courtesy: GSMArena.com

Micromax A116 Canvas HD  - The 5-inch Phablet that has been trending in Indian Smartphone market for the past two weeks. I haven’t used it, I haven’t even seen it, Yet i love it. With almost 9000 devices sold out on the first day, it is proved that Indian smartphone lovers are already in love with it.  What’s so special about this Micromax Canvas HD?  what makes Micromax A116 Canvas HD to be loved as such? Why is Micromax A116 Canvas HD so famous in India?

Image Courtesy: GSMArena.com

Image Courtesy: GSMArena.com

1. Price:

This is the first and foremost reason that makes me to love the new Micromax A116 Canvas HD. Being an iPhone user (just 3Gs ;)) I’ve wondered several times when People from my region can experience something like this. When my dad took the iPhone out of his pocket, I saw people amazing Oh is this the iPhone???. I wish there should be something come to India to fulfill the desires of such people and it came now – That’s Micromax A116 Canvas HD – People, who so far aspired to use a high-tech mobile phone something like iPhone or big Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S3 , have got a phone in their budget.

2. Size:

Human beings are tend to change so fast and The size of Mobile phones in the market are clear example for this. Few years back, there was a competition to release small sized phones, People used to call it as cute, compact, handy and much more similar terms but now the trend has changed a lot. Now its time for Big phones – People don’t bother whether they can hold the phone in one hand or not, all they want is a big phone – just to show case that they have a BIG phone. So this makes Micromax A116 Canvas HD – the 5-inch giant, a perfect phone for budget users in India.

3. Quad-core fever:

No one cares how fast the device works, all they see is Quad-core. This is the so-called Quad-core fever. When Apple launched iPhone 5, everyone was expecting a quad-core processor in it but Apple launched it with a Dual core one – but it was fast enough to compete with the Quad-core smartphones in the market. Despite these facts, Specs always talk loud more than Performance and its true with Micromax A116 Canvas HD too , so the word “quad-core” in the specs sheet drives the Indian consumers to buy it with an assumption that its a powerful package.

4. Successful Predecessor:

This is not the first in Canvas series, this phablet has a big brother Micromax A110 Canvas 2 (Not HD) and this is almost out-of-stock in many shops for many months. So this creates a huge demand and the demand makes people to think the product is so good that it cannot be found in the market. It could be really good or may be bad but it doesn’t matter – all they see is a most wanted product and when a successor comes for such a most wanted product – its assumed that it should far better than the former one and most of the times it is.

Canvas HD was expected too much before its launch and its always ‘sold out’ when someone tries to buy Micromax Canvas HD online. Those who are lucky to have their hands on the device are satisfied with its performance though it can’t be put against Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy S3. Ultimately you get for what you pay, but when someone is not ready to pay 30K+ to experience a seamless smartphone performance, This Micromax Canvas HD is where they should end up.

LG Optimus G E975 arrives India for Rs. 30,990

LG Optimus G

LG’s new flagship smartphone LG Optimus G E975 has landed Indian Smartphone market  for Rs. 30,990 (approx. $575).

LG Optimus G sports a 4.7 inch True HD IPS Plus Display with a resolution of 768 x 1280 pixels . Featuring latest Android JellyBean OS running on 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad core processor, LG Optimus G has 2GB RAM with an internal memory of 32GB but no expandable memory.

LG Optimus G


The 13 Megapixel camera with LED Flash, Autofocus and Image stabilization – is capable of recording 1080p HD videos at 30 frames per second  and a front camera with 1.3MP for video calling and snapping self portrait pictures.

With 131.9 x 68.9 x 8.45 mm dimension, weighing 145 g, LG Optimus G supports 3G and NFC Technology and has a Li-Po 2100 mAh battery with 15 hours talktime in 2G.

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Since it was widely spoken that LG Optimus 4 can be converted to Nexus 4, Indian Smartphone lovers aspiring for Nexus 4 can buy LG Optimus G and convert it into Nexus 4.