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Microsoft joins the bandwagon of Being Hacked after Facebook and Apple

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Nightmare for US IT giants hasn’t finished yet. Strong hacking waves have passed through the so-called highly secure companies that have highly confidential data of private users all over the world.

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Yesterday, Microsoft in its blogpost revealed that a small number of computers including Apple Mac computers have been been infected and no evidence available that customer data has been stolen.

To stress the fact that Microsoft is not the only victim of this strong hacking attack, The blogpost starts quoting the similar attacks on Facebook and Apple.

As reported by Facebook and Apple, Microsoft can confirm that we also recently experienced a similar security intrusion.

The announcement of Being Hacked from the biggies was started by Twitter and it was followed by Facebook, Apple and now Microsoft . Though there is no official report on the source behind the attack, there are talks that the source of the attacks are from a military building in China but China strongly denied the accusation.