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Apple’s iPad new TV ads – Together & Alive – This is how a product ad should be!

iPad Retina

“A for Apple” is the first thing a kid learns in the school and the same word, Apple comes into everyone’s mind when we hear the word ‘Gadget’. Apple has been one of the best teachers in the world for its competitors like Google, Samsung, Microsoft on how to create a Product Masterpiece  and how to market it.

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Its well-known that in Apple ads we don’t see a celebrity or someone who talks on behalf of the iProducts but its the product which talks itself, but last time in 2012, Apple tried something different and designed ads that went behind a tag “Genius” –  it was a total disaster and Samsung mocked it up with a poster saying “It doesn’t take a Genius“. But this time Apple makes no mistake.

iPad Retina

Apple’s new iPad TV ads are clean, clever and innovative too. It clearly explains what iPads can do and it doesn’t have anyone else other than the iPad itself playing the central part. Apple is too clever in this – You know How – A Kid’s hand operating the iPad when its a Kid’s app and iFans already started praising Apple for this perfection.


Here are the ads:

Apple names these ads, Together and Alive and these ads are excellent and this is how a product ad should be. These ads teach others like Microsoft which brings a group of dancers, dancing for a loud music and finally they say its an advertisement for a Tablet.