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Fast Food = = Hepatitis, both affects Human Liver in the same way

Image source: frenchfrydiary.blogspot.in

Its a bit disappointing news for fast food lovers, yet Truth has to be told! What we have thought so far is that Junk food / Fast food just only increases your weight by adding unwanted fats to our body leading to obesity but its not just that what they do. A new research claims that Fast food damages our liver, exactly the same way as Hepatitis does.

According to the research, Frequent consumption of fast food like fried chicken, french fries and onion rings damages liver by causing enzyme changes.

Image source: frenchfrydiary.blogspot.in

Image source: frenchfrydiary.blogspot.in

The findings were announced by Dr. Drew Ordon who appeared on the show “The Doctors” and is the author of of the book ‘Better in 7.’

Of all the fast foods, French fries are too dangerous because of their chemical ingredients added to the potato, explains Dr. Ordon.  According to Dr. Ordon, these fast foods create a critical situation called “Fatty Liver” and then there are changes in the enzymes of liver, eventually causing liver failure similar to Hepatitis.

So Fast food addicts (including), its better to stay away from frequent tasting of those charming foods in order to save our liver from failure.

[via DailyMail]

World’s first Transparent Smartphone Prototype unveiled by Taiwan’s Polytron Tech

Image courtesy: idownloadblog.com

There were lots of rumors about iPhone 5 being a fully transparent smartphone, but Apple disapproved it and launched an opaque one and now we don’t see much talks about transparent smartphones. But all of a sudden from no where, Taiwan’s Polytron Technologies teases the gizmo world with the futuristic completely transparent prototype.

According to Mobilegeeks.com, the prototype is not yet complete and it has no OS in it, But it proves to be in a Smartphone in near future. Though its said to be the first fully transparent Smartphone prototype, its yet not there, the speaker, battery and a small silicon flex is visible inside the phone and Let’s say if someone makes a completely transparent smartphone with all these, will we get a transparent Sim card?

Image source: Mobilegeeks.com

Lets get into the technology deep! So what makes Polytron Technologies to create such a prototype that’s completely transparent? Polytron Technologies has an excellent track of producing Glasses which usually are opaque but becomes transparent when they are electrically charged. Their entire product line-up has products similar to this and this time they came up innovative applying the same for a Smartphone. The core glass named as Polyvision™ Privacy Glass, is capable of switching itself back and forth from opaque to transparent. Explaining the technology behind it, Polytron Technologies says,

When the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented that scatters incident light and Polyvision™ becomes opaque.
When electricity is applied, the liquid crystal molecules line up, the incident light passes through, and Polyvision™ looks clear.

Specifically not designed for Smartphones, this Polyvision™ can be used in bath rooms / shower enclosures, private clinical areas, conference rooms, hospitals (nurseries, emergency rooms, ICUs, operation rooms), exterior windows, optical shutters, projection displays, residential areas, security windows, skylights, cosmetic counter displays…etc, claims the manufacturer.

Polytron hopes to make a fully functional transparent Smartphone prototype by the end of the year and then manufacturers can tie up with them to release their own versions of Fully Transparent Smartphones.

Image courtesy: idownloadblog.com

Image courtesy: idownloadblog.com

Just by seeing the prototype, the Gadget world is already buzzed and people have started wondering how to find this fully transparent smartphone if its misplaced – No worries guys, we can request them to embed a powerful LED indicator in it to glow when the sci-fi style smartphone is not in use – hopefully that should help you out in finding it and why not, just give a (missed call) call and it can ring your favorite ringtone – remember the phone is just transparent not dumb!

Source: MobileGeeks.com