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Scosche launches Lightning port chargers for iPhone 5, new iPod and iPad Mini

Scosche-Lightning Chargers

Despite the new iPhone 5 being Lighter, Faster and Taller than its old versions, iUsers hesitate to upgrade their old iPhones to the latest iPhone 5 and the strong reason is the “Lightning” Charging port which doesn’t have a wide range of accessories – Even it lacks the most required accessories and this is not only the problem of iPhone 5 users but also the new iPod and iPad Mini users face such issues as Apple ditched their conventional 30-pin dock charging connector replacing it with the new slim charging connector named “Lightning”.

Scosche-Lightning Chargers

Scosche launches a line-up of Lighting port compatible chargers and cables that can help Apple in selling more iPhone 5 and other latest iGadgets.  Scosche’s new strikeBASE is the conventional wall charger that comes in both 5W and 12W versions with a 3-feet long cable.   To use iPhone 5 during Driving, Scosche’s strikeDRIVE – the car charger can help you – with a 3-feet long cable it comes in both 5W and 12W versions.

Apart from these new chargers for iphone 5, Scosche also launches strikeLINE pro, the first official Retractable Charge & Sync Cable for Lightning Devices with length 3-feet.

[ All these Scosche Lightning compatible accessories are made for iPod touch (5th generation), iPod nano (7th generation), iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation) and iPad mini. ]

Source: Scosche.com