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Appstore.com vanity URL debuts in Star Trek Superbowl ad

Image Courtesy: CNET

There might be no Apple Inc., ads in Super Bowl XLVII this year, But Apple is clever enough to silently launch its new feature through a Superbowl ad without spending any bucks for it and CNET is keen enough to notice it and publicize it.

Now It’s possible for iPhone App Developers to get their own Appstore.com vanity URL that can be directly linked to their App listed in the Appstore. These short links which are easy to read and easy to remember can be used in ads, TV spots, Websites and other such marketing campaigns.

Image Courtesy: CNET

Image Courtesy: CNET

This new feature made its first public appearance Star Trek’s Superbowl Ad when the last scene with infos displayed Appstore.com/StarTrekApp.

Apple in its developer documentation says,

You can also create easy-to-read links to your app using App Store Short Links, which use the AppStore.com base URL plus a specific form of your app or company name. This provides a simple way for users to find your apps on the App Store directly from your website or marketing campaigns. These short links are ideal for use in offline communications materials like print ads, TV spots, app trailers, radio ads and billboards.

Extending this new feature, Apple makes the Appstore.com vanity url customizable for iOS and Mac Apps separately so that  multiplatform iDevs dont need to worry.

[via CNET]

Audiobox.fm launches Airplay enabled iPhone App

Image Courtesy: iTunes

Cloud Music Player service Audiobox.fm has delighted its users by launching a new iPhone App. Growing rapidly online, Audiobox wants to ensure their presence in Mobile platform too. The new iPhone App makes it easy for their users to play the music in their cloud from iPhone.

[ Click here to download Audiobox iPhone App from AppStore ]

Introducing the app in iTunes, Audiobox says,

“AudioBox official client for iOS. Your media collection is now truly portable! Stream from anywhere, it doesn’t matter where your files are stored. Upload and stream from the cloud, directly from your desktop or from the most popular cloud services. Mix your favorite tracks in custom or smart playlists, even if they are stored on different cloud sources.”

Image Courtesy: iTunes

Image Courtesy: iTunes

Features of Audiobox iPhone App listed down in iTunes:

* Retina-ready, pixel perfect.
* AirPlay enabled.
* Background streaming.
* Pause/resume during phone calls.
* Artwork and track informations in lock screen.
* Native now playing info center enabled.
* Remote controls.
* Pre-buffering.
* Gapless playback.
* Offline playlists.
* Lyrics integration.
* Artwork support,
* Grouped album collections.
* Share metadata informations on social networks.
* Output can be mixed with other applications.

In addition to these, the new iPhone app is also capable of bringing in artist information from Last.fm, showing related videos from YouTube and concert listings from SongKick.  iPhone 5 users can be happy to have a retina-ready app and it does supports Airplay.