Olloclip launches 3-in-1 Macro,Fish-eye,Wide-Angle lens for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch

3-in-1 Olloclip lens for iPhone 5
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Apple‘s iPhone hasn’t been only a Mobile Phone for many. Yes, We know its a smartphone but its wide range of accessories making it smarter than others.

From Blood sugar tester to Payment processing, iPhone’s accessories became a part our daily life along with iPhone and relieved us from carrying a lot of other gadgets with us. Now with the new iPhone 5, Companies started rolling out their exclusive products as iPhone accessory and now we got this 3-in-1 lens from Olloclip.

3-in-1 Olloclip lens for iPhone 5

3-in-1 Olloclip lens for iPhone 5

People who are interested in Digital Photography, rather than just zooming and clicking, who wants to be a professional photographer, really need this 3-in-1 (Fish Eye, Macro, Wide-angle) lens. This lens is not at all a new product in the market. Olloclip is a familier name with the same lens for iPhone 4/4S. But the support is now extended for iPhone 5, announced at CES 2013.

iPhotographers and instagrammers was missing this external lens with their new iPhone 5 and now it’s time for them to click something else to upload in Instagram other than just their lunch and dinner :P

iPhone 5 Macro Lens Photo

Moreover, Olloclip also released an adapter that makes this lens compatible with the Fifth Generation iPod Touch.

The Olloclip for iPhone 5 is available now for $69.99 in red, white and black at Apple retail stores and at Olloclip’s website. The adapter for the fifth-generation iPod touch will ship along with the Olloclip later this year, but will also be able to be purchased separately for $9.99.

If this article looks like Rocket science for you, Watch out this video to know what’s this lens all about.